Dragon Ball Super episode 123 Subbed

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    Dragon Ball Super episode 123 : “”


  • Son Goku Sama


    • Wolfnrun

      That about sums it up

  • Marius Grecu

    again no sound ?

    • rrebeli

      refresh hurry

  • Didar.Z

    no ads

  • Didar.Z

    fix sounds easy press the sound button on the video it worked for me

  • Einherjar

    Got Sound… but it is RAW… completely Raw… back into the oven and make it subbed.

    • Malcolm Morin


      • JC

        I’ll give it up, the Chef Ramsay quote made me laugh LOL.

  • Didar.Z

    no sub titles?

  • Son Goku Sama

    Today’s episode wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped it would be. But good to see our proud Saiyan Prince has his moment.

    • Benny Wong

      why don’t they just make it simplier? Just let jiren killed of the pal from uni 7 and they’ll be eliminated….

  • Slothy

    why does it say subbed when it’s unsubbed?

    • Son Goku Sama
      • Slothy

        cool, super helpful response

        • Bonnie Cheung

          probably because it just finished airing live. They haven’t uploaded the sub yet when you watched it.

      • ‏‏

        Just because you likely came to the page when the video was already subbed doesn’t mean it was when this person asked, so you are just an idiot for this response.

      • Benny Wong


    • Suonber.dise

      because they upload the live version first, it takes 1 or 2 hours for them to translate and upload the subbed episode. Also, it will take time to be in 1080p

    • Dav Archer

      It literally takes just 1 hour to get subbed and it is automatically updated… Patience…

      • Mostly people here are under 12. They don’t have patience.

        • ShadyLoki

          all the person asked was why its not subbed when it said subbed…how does this equate to him being 12 and/or impatient…

  • Arnold Joseph Diamat


  • Learn From It

    upload subbed please!

  • wowlock

    Soo Vegeta is an Ascended Super Saiyan Blue. Or Super Saiyan Blue 1.5 if you will.

    • Meliodas


      • Pixel_ Gh0st

        im pretty sure like wowlock said its a kimit breaker or like ssj grade 4 (goku and gohan in cell arc) he has unlocked the full potential off the form

    • IronicTwist

      It’s more like a Limit-Breaker Super Saiyan Blue, as it’s kinda doing the same job as Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken

      • d3rd3vil

        So its more like on the same level with 20x Kaioken or sth. and not Ultra Instinct apparently which is good. On the other hand it is useless it isnt enough. We need Goku UI now otherwise they can drag the episodes forever like that Jiren wont get hurt ^^

        • benjamindawg

          Yeah, they called it limit-breaking. So, if similar to SSBKK, then Vegeta might surpass his limit while fighting in this new form into his own form of Ultra Instinct like how Goku broke through his while in Kaio-ken to get the Ultra Instinct.

          • d3rd3vil

            So while it should FINALLY end with Goku UI vs. Jiren they keep on pushing the other amateurs and also Vegeta for the next couple of episodes? That would be super shit

          • Luke Linahan

            Goku was never in SSBKK to achieve UI. He was in base form getting his own spirit bomb slammed into him, and then collapsing and fell into the explosion.

    • James Thompson

      no it is Super Saiyan Blue 2

  • Rudi Martin

    why the gods and kaioo shin from erased universe still there?

    • Divine Shadow

      because they aren’t from erased universes. Did you even watch this arc from start to finish?

      End of the tournament 5 universes will remain.

    • Meliodas

      It’s the god and kaioshin from the 4 universe who didn’t participate. The 4 universe with the highest mortal level.

    • Rudi Martin

      ic lol

    • AlecsNeo

      They are not , those are gods from the 2 universes not participating and the gods from U7 and U11

  • Airth

    Spoiler**** Super Saiyan Blue 2?

    • Meliodas

      Kind of. Or more like Super Vegeta Blue similar to his fight vs Semi-perfect Cell but in Blue form

    • vegito

      Spoiler – it doesnt soud very well.. i thing that shorter name like ,,super blue” or something like that would sound better..

  • Shook

    anyone else see toppo dab at 7:00 xD

    • Mark Sidney Foster

      He always dabs. It’s the third time we see it.

  • Meliodas

    As usual, Vegeta is the hype

  • Rishabh Sharma

    man i literraly want to see goku ui and vegeta ub VS jiren

  • Dante Squid Corbett

    Dyspo looks to much like berus.

    • Brian Richbow

      Same race :I

      • IronicTwist

        Not same race.

      • dyspo doesn’t have a tail

      • Studmuf

        Ones a cat other is a rabit?

    • jd1581

      It’s because of the bad editing, sometimes characters look weird and don’t look like themselves, in this instance Dyspo looks like Beerus because they sort of look alike already lol

  • Cocksyrup

    So vegeta is super saiyan more blue.

    • poopoo

      i’d rather say he is super saiyan navy or something

    • BrutaleBent

      Super Sayian Royal Blue, he’s a prince and all! 😛

  • Robert Hall

    I’m just glad Vegeta is getting more love in the super series! I never understood the concept that if goku and Vegeta fight they pretty much go toe to toe but Vegeta gets literally wrecked in 2 blows by guys that goku and gohan battle with for 2-3 episodes in normal form not when they dig deeper and find a new level. Vegeta and picillo are by far the most under used characters in the series!

    • SuperShadowBat

      Krillin? Tien? Gohan? Majin Buu? Goten? Trunks? Gotenks?

    • YoungBlackManFromLondonUk

      Im not happy with hes new form. Its cheap. He turns alittle bit more blue? Goku gets too much love, red form and ultra instinct form are epic and vegita gets more blue? Vegita should get Ultra instinct limit breaker anc defeat jiren.

      • Akaalis

        Well perhaps this is where Goku and Vegeta finally start to each branch-off into their own path of evolution that is both different and distinctive but parallel to one another.

      • SouthernRedman

        I think Vegeta is gonna get one more power up!!

        • Wolfnrun

          I want him to… and gohan

          • SouthernRedman

            we gonna see next week

    • Kavi Amalakumar

      Also the show’s main character is Goku. I think it’s just gonna be like that regardless. Goku and Vegeta are 2 very different people.

  • Deréon

    Why was Beerus powering up tho? O.O!

    • SSJ

      Thats Dypso with a very nice twist as it seems, mby he is the god of desctruction in disguise

    • Marcellkilla712

      thats dyspo lol i was confused too

  • ‏‏

    It was so obvious that Jiren wasn’t going out that easily.

  • Pogba1

    Preview subtitles are the same as a last week’s. Fix them please

  • Studmuf

    I want to see vegito or gogeta in the last
    minute of the Tournament and reck. That would be sick

    • d3rd3vil

      ONLY if Jiren and Toppo fuse otherwise hell no!

  • Leedal

    I think it might be ssb2

  • SuperShadowBat

    Why such bad quality? 480p at best?

    • jd1581

      When playing the video, look at the bottom right hand side of the player and you will see an icon that says HD next to the fill screen icon, click that HD icon and a list of video quality options will come up and you can click on the 1080P option 🙂

      • SuperShadowBat

        I already tried that, and thats where the problem comes, it doesn’t loadwhen its that high quality

  • SuperShadowBat

    This is order of strength. Weakest To Strongest

    SSJ Blue Kaioken
    SSJ Perfected SSJ (Vegeta New Form)
    Ultra Instinct

    • Luke Linahan

      Easy to understand, since SSBKK causes a massive strain on Goku’s body, to the point that his KI fucks up, he loses the ability to fly and use instant transmission accurately and his muscles lock up if used in prolonged periods.

  • WOW…. Vegeta was able to combine super saiyan 2 with super saiyan blue. Goku tried attempting it during the past episodes but did it differently he started in the state of super saiyan 2&3 then changed to blue his attacks were weak because he wasnt able to control his energy.

    • Luke Linahan

      When the fuck was this.

  • Akaalis

    Hmmm Vegeta did a SSB2 whats next… a Goku SSB3?

    • d3rd3vil

      How about Ultra Instinct in its purest form as the final fight against Jiren….that has to be it

      • pasta12

        Yea most likely Goku will achieve Ultra Instinct again. Vegeta may have “limitless” power right now or maybe there’s a UI-like state he can achieve for power (remember Goku lacks power when he’s UI). Then they merge to Gogeta and their merged form has UI + power, which can defeat Jiren.

        That’s my guess.

        • d3rd3vil

          No thats….no. Jiren can be beaten by someone alone no need for a fusion.

          • pasta12

            Lol, ok. It seems like a pretty obvious approach to me. I can see it going down in one of three ways. In no particular order:

            1. What I just described (Goku and Vegeta merge, achieving Ultra Instinct in its purest form, defeating Jiren in that form)
            2. Vegeta gets defeated, Goku achieves UI in its purest form (he possibly doesn’t have the heat issues, but at the very least would have the power to go with it, which he lacked the last two times he achieved UI)
            3. Vegeta and Goku both get defeated, leaving only Gohan, who pulls a cell saga type moment and defeats himself.

            Gohan winning the tournament is the prediction I made when the tournament was announced. I selfishly hope that happens just because I have a comment out there somewhere predicting that back when the tournament was announced. I’m increasingly doubtful that it’ll happen though. I think either #1 or #2 above will happen.

  • Max Kay

    Epic 😚😚😚😚😚

  • Hoemayoen Nahory

    is there any possibilty that jiren is THE DRAGON BALL SUPER like somehow anyhow .. hmm he is unbeatable !!

  • Bartek Włodarczyk

    So this is what? Super Sayain Very Blue? XD

    • Datdumbostrich

      Super Vegeta Blue or Limit-breaker Vegeta, you name it.

    • BrutaleBent

      Super Sayian Royal Blue!

  • d3rd3vil

    The preview is a bit off isnt it? Vegeta awakening and so on….that was the speech for episode 123, right? Other than that Vegetas dark blue form looks good its nice 🙂 But the way they presented it….like Goku with his Kaioken is more or less on the same limit doesnt make sense again. Seems like they cant beat Jiren like that. Anyway the strategy episode wasnt bad. Nice ideas that didnt work ofc ^^

  • Thiran Uthaman

    So if blue’s ki is on the gods realm, how can piccolo and the rest sense and comment on Vegeta’s energy? I rly dig the animation, but i also hate these small mistakes.


      they problably learned to sense it from being around beerus, whis, goku and vegeta also lets not forget that vegeta managed to learn how to sense energy back at the start of z when he couldnt before he went to earth with nappa

  • Ashuraman

    Wow those subs at the next episode preview could NOT have been more off. You can hear Goku say Dyspo, Gohan and Frieza often yet the subs don’t mention them ONCE

    • DaHell

      thats because they are wrong. They got lazy and just copy and pasted the subs from last week

  • Scrotie McBoogerBalls

    I love that Zamasu arc theme music

  • DaHell

    the subtitles for the preview is wrong. They are the same as last weeks. WTF is going on?

  • Wolfnrun

    Super sayain dark blue confirmed

    • Tristan Lewis (Trista)

      *Royal Blue

      • Wolfnrun

        Nope. I’m calling it dark blue. There’s nothing you can do about it. Case and point. It looks sick

      • Wolfnrun


  • Christian Guevara

    why doesnt gohan every go super saiyan or at least try to attain something on par with Blue? damnit

    • Wolfnrun

      I think his mystic form can get him close to blue. I’m probably wrong but that’s just my guess

    • ShadyLoki

      He took a different path from Goku and Vegeta way back in Z. He chose the power of the “mystic” form. If I remember correctly Piccolo said that he surpassed his previous mystic power back in Z and can become even stronger now. He probably wont get ssb, but a unique form like Trunks, Kale, Vegeta etc.

  • Akaalis

    Is it me or do I see a bit of One Punch Man in Jiren….. !!

  • Frantisek Koci

    Lol jiren is one punch man now xD

    • Hikari Daruringen

      NO jiren is onepunch man hidden disciple. xD

  • Drequail Banks

    I hope they fuse

  • Caviaye Williams

    Anyone else see Beerus look like he was powering up lol

    • Caviaye Williams

      oh nvm that was Dyspo

  • so goku has kaio-ken and now vegeta has royal limit-breaker?, that should even the distance between them?, but his power up wasn’t really explained though, i just hope its something that can compete with kaio-ken, and not just SSB2

    • Hikari Daruringen

      if it really was super sayan blue 2 then it would be a couple times more powerfull than gokus kaioken x20

      • yea but in that case it wouldn’t be a power that sets the two apart, goku can get SSB2 but he cant inherit royal blood form the original SSG

        • Anthony Korkis

          One day theyll reveal goku is part of a royal blood line

          • that’d make sense, maybe one of his ancestors was a bastard or something, that is if DBZ ever explains anything, everything’s too vague, we barely even know the lore of dragon balls, let alone family trees, sayain genes, power inheritance, etc

  • Arron

    They Should do vegeta vs jiren as the last fight would be better to see something different intead of goku all the time

  • Luke Linahan

    It was literally seven minutes until the end of the tournament LAST EPISODE. Come on lol

  • Steve Myers

    I feel like Jiren has become way too overpowered at this point, at least in terms of writing. Unless they have Universe 11 winning this tournament, I can’t see any way that Universe 7 could beat him without it feeling forced or contrived, like in the form of some BS powerup or by retconning the power scales. They’ve really written themselves into a corner by showing him to be so unbeatable, they should have at least shown him taking DAMAGE once or twice by now so it will be more believable when he gets beaten down the line.

    • Akaalis

      Jiren’s entire character stats is pretty much max’d out:

      Health 9999999999999999999999
      Damage 999999999999999999999
      Energy Generation 99999999999999999999999


      • Hikari Daruringen

        you forgot Plot Armor Fully Charged +10 xD

    • Hikari Daruringen

      powerscales dont exist in dbs

  • Luxion

    Part of the last battle and the preview in the video is screwed up.

  • Akaalis

    Those land mines of Goku’s, I think maybe they were inspired by Frieza’s sticky explosives that he used on those U9 Assassins right after his 2nd revival.

  • Zamokwakhe Alan

    Vegeta is a confused character he’s a good bad guy ahahaha lol

  • Justin

    I think someone (Goku or Vegeta) is going to sacrifice themselves to get Jiren out, for example. grabbing him and jumping off the platform together or some other way like Android 17 wanted to do.
    It would be a good way to get both Top Fighters out of the arena and have it come down to the others.

  • James Deveaux

    This would be so much more epic without Goku’s old lady screams.

  • James Deveaux

    Haven’t seen Super Vegeta in a while. That form makes him so much more badass looking, even though it’s just an improvement in muscle mass.

  • James Deveaux

    Those subtitles at the very end were way off.

  • Tristan Lewis (Trista)

    And now we just wait a few more dozen episodes for them to finally fuse.

    • Anthony Korkis

      Im waiting for the fusion dance lol

      • Tristan Lewis (Trista)


  • DynaDroidGT

    How about vegeta like that and goku as ultra instinct?
    that would be awesome

  • Co0ol Guy with a BIG one

    I’m hoping for a fusion. Doubt they’ll do it tho….

  • Ryan Nichols

    Dumbest part of this episode….Goku kicks jiren off the stage….and doesn’t Super Kamehameha his face into the stands. Should have been so freaking easy. Not only that, ULTRA INSTINCT is far above the Blue+Kaio Ken. That’s what should have happened at 16:58…..So Goku will still have to get there…right about when there will be 2 minutes left in the tournament and then…

    Mark my words, they are proving that individually Goku and Vegeta can’t take on Jiren at his full power and their only choice will be to fuse. It’s gonna happen.

    However Fusion has been BS from the beginning. “Earring fusion will last an hour….unless you are goku and vegeta…then it rapes you in the butt and gives you 5 minutes….if you are Kefla….it lasts forever and has endless powerups.”

    So I’m betting they could still fuse and then still defuse before 4 minutes is up despite the 1 hour supposed time limit….

    DBS needs new writers…..hands down…