Dragon Ball Super episode 122 Subbed

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  • bad boys

    Finally Episode raw released

    https://www.dragonballway. biz/dragon-ball-super-episode-122-english-subbed/

    • owhiso

      why you fcking lying why you always lyin

  • Ashuraman

    The fuck is this shit? This site has gone DOWN so much lately


    why the hell they locking shit??? come on son!

    • the episode isnt coming out this week. next week unfortunately

  • Someo Nelse


    • Gokudomatic

      Those lazy bastards! They better get back to work right now, since they always complain that western holidays and calendar are not theirs.

      • Ashuraman

        …Golden Week is not a western holiday…

        • Gokudomatic

          To be honest I don’t care. Give me my free episode already!

          • Ashuraman

            Wait 6 days

          • Cleeb

            Neither do they, nor does anyone else in this forum. Fly to Japan if you have a problem, you’d have to wait a week for toei to air it, and even then no subs. So knock yourself out entitled 12 year old.

      • C-quence

        You my friend is unbelievably ungrateful. You are watching for free should be paying for watching this and your complaining about the episode not airing this week. SMH. Bro grow up!!!!

        • ‏‏

          “should be paying for watching this” Uh no, that’s like saying people who watch public tv should be paying.

          • C-quence

            Our version comes on Funimation or Adult Swim. This version isn’t suppose to be streamed. We are lucky to have someone to stream it for us. This have not been released to the US yet. That is what I mean.

          • Alex

            They watching ads instead of paying.

        • EvoElf


    • MetisMan

      Golden Week is the first week of May/ end of April. Wrong Holiday eh, its Christmas and New Years that they are celebrating now

  • FateSear

    “like teh facebook to unlock” likes facebook but it i still locked. gona unlike even tho that wont do anything

  • Jayson Sardan Cercado

    so, what i heard were true no episode for this week….
    lets give them a break guys new year is coming….
    by the way happy new year to all…..

  • Martin2603

    No Ep but “119.78K” views and annoying ads, greedy pirates…

  • DBS


  • Nabeel

    I hate it
    When they don’t release the episode for no fucking reason, If new year is so big holiday fuck off shut down PUBS and BARS and my office x(

  • Mr. Meseeks

    Its already OUT!!

    • Ashuraman

      No…no it’s not

  • Marius Grecu

    why the fuck was it delayed again ?!

    • Akaalis

      New Years

    • Divine Shadow

      Because the people who work on this deserve a holiday break to spend with their families. Fucking hell man.

  • BraveKido

    WTF is this? Stop posting $hit if the episode hasn’t been out yet! You ad mongers! This page is full of ads. Got, can’t click anywhere without being redirected! Even Ad block struggles!

    • Peter Isza

      Who pays for these kinds of ads? Why the fuck do they think they are effective?

      • nyuu

        I kind of have to agree, since ad-block came out ad’s have gotten way to aggresive without it, if it was sensibly placed ads i wouldn’t even mind

    • Someo Nelse

      Get pop-up blocker as well.

  • jemoer

    whers the sound? jeez do we have to wait a week again for the sound…? noobs

  • yuvraj

    are they gonna show episode 123 today as well?

    • Martin2603

      No? Why should they?

      • yuraj

        because there were no episode last week

        • dunkeyy

          thats because it was new years eve, they have lives too

        • Dan

          That was because they also have Christmas holidays

  • Stef

    Where is the sub????

    • tarek123

      i think it will be up by tomorrow morning

    • Martin2603

      2:10 CET on Daisuki and CrunchyRoll

    • Crunchyroll 6:15 Mountain Standard Time. convert the time at your own risk

  • tarek123

    goku’s defensive UI will fuse with vegeta’s offensive UI to give full UI vegito or gogeta

    • Martin2603

      No, they will not fuse

      • tarek123

        ik but i was just saying what could be a good outcome

        • Peter Va Nieuwpoort

          then say it’s a theory .

  • Martin2603

    11:53 WTF? Is this SSB2? Goku hair looks like SSJ2…

    • Mastered Super Sayian Blue. you know that one from the Manga?

    • Rohan

      They really looked like SSJ2

  • RainDude

    why is there no sub???

    • Jake Grine


    • Peter Va Nieuwpoort

      learn to wait

  • Jake Grine

    where are the subs?

  • ash

    The frame at 6:05 shows other universes’ gods’ of destruction !! LOLLL Lazy lazy!!


    • Iwan, Arack, Beerus, Liqur, Vermond and Gin? no they are supposed to be there.

      • ThatGuy984

        There should only be two gods of destruction left…Beerus and the Clown. When a universe gets erased so do the Gods of Destruction and KaoShins….need i continue…?

        • Shadowninju

          I think you are forgetting the 3 universes that just came to watch.

          • Pothead


        • Stefan

          There are 4 universes that didn’t participate in the tournament. Their gods of destruction are spectators.

    • Enix

      mfw you don’t realize 4 universes aren’t participating

  • Scrotie McBoogerBalls

    Japanese commercials are so fucking funny and weird at the same time

  • Scrotie McBoogerBalls

    It’s beyond my understanding that people can fuck up a stream in 2018. Come on

  • Møstafå Šhāłaby

    get me my freaking sub PLSSS

  • Dick Gumshoe

    its subbed now

  • Ignacio Ribuffo

    480p really?

    • Marius Grecu

      while uploading a video to a social media (facebook, blogs, sites, youtube etc) it will firstly come in lower qualities until the upload is complete for each one.

  • Martin2603

    Processing to 720 and 1080 takes too much time, fucking Daily crap….

  • dileep

    no site have 720 or 1080

  • Hardik Khanpara

    Why the hack I am not able to watch it in full screen??

    • Framed WOLF

      me too

    • Omark

      no problems with full screen

  • Akaalis

    Was Frieza too prideful to turn Gold? I don’t understand…

    • The Real One

      he’s gonna laugh and stand up then go gold next episode and him and dyspo will have their little fight

    • BraveKido

      They just wanted to show Universe 7 is in peril before they turn the tide. They can’t just show Frieza beating up that guy from the get go in the Gold form.

    • Hikari Daruringen

      um he needs time to do his little transformation as dyspo took him by surprise.

      • Akaalis

        transformation? looks more like a phukin shampoo commercial LOLOL!!

  • Stephen Moyer

    So… what, Super Saiyan Blue 2? :b

    • Madkita

      it looks like kayoken to me

  • goku

    Zeno: vegetas attack did nothing
    Me: no shit

    • Bart Yousif


    • Stella Sar

      It would have been a really unspectacular end ^^^ The chance to win for Vegeta is low anyway. But if he should win, i think Guku will first weaken Jiren. Or we will see a team win. Bt withour Guku it never will be happen!

  • wowlock

    Come on..Give Vegeta the Ultra Instinct Attack version !

    • Benny Wong

      well, it’s not suit vegeta’s personality, so it’s not gonna happen 🙂

      • Marvin Sally

        Dont agree! As goku said vegeta gets stronger in the next episode and his pupils turned grey just like goku when he turned ultra instinct just after receiving the spirit bomb. ultra instinct vegeta might be in ep 123 or 124 guys

        • YTJNR

          I agree Jiren grunts while looking at vegetas grey eyes jiren can sense vegeta isnt dead.

          • d3rd3vil

            I dont think its Ultra Instinct…..but who knows.

        • Ashuraman

          In no point in did Vegeta’s eyes turn grey, they were black at all times. i HIGHLY doubt that Vegeta will gain Ultra Instinct. What he MIGHT gain is something different, yet similar in power

          • Droidboy

            His eyes did appear grey, but only when Jiren put that Ki blast around him and imploded it.

            However, his eyes didn’t seem UI eyes. Rather, they felt like Vegeta absolutely defeated/almost dead to me.

      • wowlock

        How is it not suit Vegeta’s personality ? He is all about attack and aggressiveness. If Goku got the Defense, it is only logical for Vegeta to unlock offense.

  • U$A_Bandit

    Round of applause for the guy who created both the Episode 109-110 and now thisone(122), seriously these fighting scenes are amazing, the suspense music was perfect. Thank you!

  • Omark

    GOGO Jiren fuck them all!!


  • Omark

    I waited really long for this

  • d3rd3vil

    Damn I am not sure about all of this shit. Looked a lot like Jiren certainly is in the grasp of Gokus and Vegetas power. That looked different before…..And what is that next week, Vegeta Ultra Instinct probably not?! But what then…..many say SS Blue 2 is bullshit so what could it be. And I cant see Toppo getting the main attention soon…..Jiren is clearly the number one

    • Pontus HaggisisDashit Johansso

      Both Goku’s & Vegeta’s hair look like SSJ2 while in their blue form, and i’ve heard its called Mastered Super Saiyan Blue. Not sure why Vegeta’s form looks more dark blue than Goku’s.

      • pasta12

        Vegeta’s definitely in a new form. As you say, his hair is a darker blue. In this episode it matched Goku’s. Goku’s just in Blue + Kaio-ken in that shot. But Goku has Ultra Instinct which we can assume he’ll achieve again. Maybe if they merge to Gogeta they’d still be able to go Ultra Instinct, who knows.

  • Christopher Lewis

    Forget Goku and vegeta, did you see Freeza’s face? OWNED!

  • Chreative

    Had Vegeta laying in a crater looking like Yamcha

    • JogosJNC

      *lookimg like vegeta in the frieza saga

  • bad boys

    jiren cheats vegeta he dodge that atack

    • BraveKido

      He took it head on and fell, but he quickly got back up. As V was laughing he approached.

      • Hikari Daruringen

        problem is even if he took it head on, no matter how powerfull jiren is he would have fallen of the stage. it didnt happen therefore either jiren used some trick/technique to stand his ground or he cheated and simply ducked or something xD

        • BraveKido

          You are expecting that result based on what? How do you know Jiren couldn’t withstand it?

          • Hikari Daruringen

            he definitelly could but as you saw earlier in that episode much weaker ki blast almost sent vegeta of the arena. dont forget the rules – there is no flying skill! And i seriously doubt he could just “stand his ground”, its just not possible with a blast of this magnitude. hence i teoritize that he either dodged or used some skill or simply toei forgot about their own rules that screenwriter set for the tournament ( aka plot armor)

  • TheDendeWasHeavyAsFuck

    waiting for goku and vegeta to do the fusion dance and go ultra instinct and mastered super saiyan blue and fuck on them bois.

  • BraveKido

    Jiren’s scene BLASTING Vegeta was AMAZING!! The fighting stance, the graphics, the camera angle, the music!!! Badass!

  • Luxion

    No matter the powerups Goku and Vegeta attain, I still think this arc is going to end with Jiren vs Vegito.

    • Adhiyan S B

      not as Vegito…but there is a chance for Gogeta <3

      • Luxion

        How? Vegeta doesn’t know the fusion dance.

      • ‏‏

        Gogeta is non-canon, it’s very unlikely that he will make an appearance.

  • ‏‏

    I predict the arc will end on episode 125.

    • mantazzo

      So you’re saying 8 minutes will end in 3 episodes, when in the last 3 episodes only 3-4 minutes passed? I’d say it will be around ep. 130, because it’s final battles and also 8 minutes would end on ep. 130 now anyway, if we go “minute per episode”.

      • Martin Tóth

        Almost every episode was 1-2 minutes from tournament

  • ‏‏

    The unthinkable might occur and U7 does get erased, but somehow Goku cheats the erasure and everyone for some reason gets wished back. Perhaps erasure only means getting erased from Zeno’s kingdom and meeting with a creator beyond Zeno in a special universal version of heaven. Jiren could win and wish everyone back himself. Maybe the erasure is not permanent and Zeno only wants to trick people so they fight at their best.

  • Scrotie McBoogerBalls

    Who lowered his guard now eh Vegeta hehe

  • Getting fed up

    wow they just love to delay everything with the unneeded animation. Displaying each character so long and walking so long and all those nonsense just to fill the time up. This is getting nonsensical and i’m getting fed up of this. Bye bye dragon ball. not coming back to db super anymore. this is bullshit. a long time fan of the frahcise but im fed up of this fellas getting lazy and displaying this kinda nonsense.

    • James Michael Blake

      wahh wahh fucking cry baby. stop talking shit and kys at the same time of leaving this fan base. no one needs you.

    • Martin Tóth

      Man,then you don’t wanna see the fight between Frieza and Goku,where 5 minutes was 15 episodes 😀

    • Kanji

      You obviously are not a long time fan of the franchise at all if you have the audacity to criticise Super’s battle lengths over the previous series DBZ! Are you being naive on purpose?

  • Shahzaib Khan

    I think Vegeta attained blue 2 or may be perfected blue. But Goku is just blue with kaioken. I was hoping he would attain ultra instict too.

  • Jordanfan

    Goku was SSB 2!!!!!!!

  • Jordanfan

    It was when Jiren was throwing those punches the Vegeta was studding. Like how could you miss that.

  • Hikari Daruringen

    lol at jiren doing “consecutive normal punches”

  • Stella Sar

    Please not let it be SSB 2^^ Let it be something new please. I’m not a fan of transformations which just chanced numbers. Thats why i love ultra instinct! Because its actual is a new skill!

    • Hikari Daruringen

      its just full power SSBSS, as in powered up to the limit of ability. this hints that they didnt know how to fully use blue form. quite strange

  • Akaalis

    So how come Jiren decided not to knock off Vegeta with the 2nd shot?

    oh wait….

    plot armor……


    • Hikari Daruringen

      Dragonball Super in a nutshell lol

  • Taha Khalid

    Hey hi this ep is so cool

  • Wafflepiezz

    holy shiiit the preview of Vegeta’s next form

  • MEDIC iS A …

    his name sould be GM instead of jiren