Dragon Ball Super episode 121 Subbed

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  • Marcellkilla712

    wheres the episode

    • Steve Slippy Danby

      5 days away

  • Joshua Lefelhocz

    Damnit! What’s Paparoni’s strategy here?! Is he gonna merge with his robot? Blow up the fighting stage? Sacrifice his life to launch one final blast? COME ON!

    • DaHell

      hey merged

    • benjamindawg

      I reckon he was planning to eat em all and then suicide off the stage SSB Donkey Kong style.

      • IronicTwist

        But that would mean U11 wins.

        • jack

          XD thats so true

    • Akshit Arora

      Bad writing, manga is much better.

      • SSJ3MJ

        Ummm Bad writing my ass.

        • Akshit Arora

          atleast read the post to which i replied dumbass

          • JonSnow

            no one gives two shits about your reply, fucktard

          • Akshit Arora

            why u taking time to reply to me, u r so fucking stupid

      • Lets be honest…no one cared about the robots or paparoni. I’m glad the fight ended in one episode so they could move it along to the final couple of fights.

        • Akshit Arora

          so what was his plan again destroy the ring and ???

          • KDG

            Did you not watch the episode? It’s pretty obvious what his plan was, considering he sprouted wings and attempted to blow up the entire fighting stage. Clearly he intended for everyone to plunge to their defeat once they had no solid ground to stand on, while he simply floated in the air above, effectively eliminating everyone but himself. Kind of the same principle as Frieza blowing up Namek so that Goku could suffocate in space while he alone would survive the vacuum of space.

          • I watched the entire episode but just like 90% of the fights in this arc were just gimmicky characters whom I don’t give a shit about.

          • That’s intentional. If they don’t plan on doing character development for those gimmicky characters they’re just in it for the tournament. You’re not really meant to care about them.

          • KDG

            Gimmicky, yes. But that idiot robot’s strategy was still pretty obvious.

      • Kyle Missingno

        The manga is behind the acutal show….

        • Akshit Arora

          but has a much better character and plot development. look at jiren as a good example.

    • Man knows

      Nah it was actually quite clever. Once he blown up the whole staged everyone would of fell of the stage or disqualified for flying, except from him. Its illegal to fly unless you have wings.

      • It’s stupid because if that true then universe 11 should join to defeat him not just standing there and watching. It’s bad writing.

        • PercMastaFTW

          I think they didn’t step in to let Universe 7 waste their energy. If the fighting stage was about to be destroyed, they’d probably step in at the last second to blast it off or something similar.

          • If the stage was destroyd then it doesn’t matter anymore, because They all will fall. Think.

      • Luke Linahan

        Yea, what we’re supposed to go with is that that final attack would have just blown up the chunk of stage Universe 7 was on, and 11 would be fine. It doesn’t make sense if the WHOLE STAGE would go , because then there’s no reason other than BAD WRITING that 11 would just stand by. Jiren probably could’ve just beaten the thing on his own anyway.

      • KDG

        Flight is not illegal in the Tournament of Power; it’s impossible without the use of wings. All flying techniques have been negated. If the ring was blown up, no one from Universes 7 or 11 could fly even if they wanted to.

    • Adnan Ikram

      yeah paparoni was going to blow up the stage , but the lame part is universe 11 was just standing?? and paparoni was not even attacking them, what the hell.

      • Joshua Lefelhocz

        Yeah, and now UI Goku and SSB Vegeta vs Jiren. Gonna be awesome.

  • PanthersEternal

    I expect a pizza attack

  • Finally Vegeta will get a screen time XD

  • DaHell

    Holly shit look at Jiren’s eyes in the preview. They look more human. I think Vegeta will expose his weakness

    • KDG

      Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta seems to be giving Jiren a better fight than Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x20 Goku did. He’s actually pushing Jiren back without Ultra Instinct. All of that training harder than Goku seems to be paying off.

      • Kyle Missingno

        I guess toei gave vegeta a chance this is a firsr

        • KDG

          Not quite. Vegeta has been doing quite well in Dragon Ball Super, consistently. He dominated Frieza until Frieza blew up the Earth, carried Universe 7 in the tournament against Universe 6, trained for a day and had arguably his best moment in Super against Black, and has the second most eliminations in the Tournament of Power. So no, definitely not a first.

          If you hadn’t noticed, Dragon Ball Super has been straying away from the relentless pattern of Vegeta failures started by Z, as well as the “leave it all to Goku” trend – so far Goku hasn’t actually defeated any major villains in Super. And given that for the first time since achieving Super Saiyan, Vegeta has consistently kept up with (and even remained stronger than) Goku, don’t be surprised if fighting Jiren brings out Ultra Instinct in Vegeta.

          • d3rd3vil

            Frieza was already worn down big time…..so no real domination there and training for a day means for a year so well….

          • KDG

            Clearly you’re missing the point. This isn’t Z where all of Vegeta’s accomplishments lasted all of maybe a few seconds before being utterly humiliated and defeated. Vegeta has been consistently kicking ass, growing stronger, keeping up with Goku, and has arguably accomplished more in Super than Goku has. You’re counting him out already, presumably based off a trend of defeat that ended with Z. He’s been thriving ever since.

          • d3rd3vil

            He had a rage boost against Beerus for a short amount of time thats it. He lost to Hit BIG TIME. He lost to Black Goku and trained for a year and gained strength to match Black Goku….I dont see the big improvement here in comparison to Z. And after the Black saga nothing really happened with Vegeta at all. Vegeta has always kept up with Goku sooner or later but not during a fight. He needs his time to gain momentum again like training for a damn year in the time chamber ^^

          • KDG

            Vegeta lost to Hit because he went in blindly, with no idea what Hit’s fighting style consisted of. Everyone was able to deduce that there was something to Hit’s style, as he was able to react to Vegeta’s attacks without anyone seeing him do so. Goku did well against Hit because he learned that Hit could Time Skip, and also because he watched his fight with Vegeta and was able to come up with a strategy for predicting his movements, giving himself an opportunity to respond accordingly. Had Goku fought Hit first, he would have gotten his ass kicked without prior knowledge of Hit’s techniques.

            You don’t see the improvement in comparison to Z? Post-Namek, it took Vegeta three years to gain Super Saiyan. In that instant, he became stronger than Goku. This level of superiority lasted all of several days, and ended when Goku and Gohan emerged from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. In that time, Vegeta got his arm broken and his pride crushed by Android 18, and beaten unconscious by Perfect Cell. Once Goku and Gohan emerged, they had BOTH surpassed Vegeta. Vegeta also had a rage moment when Cell blasted a hole through Trunks, and said rage wasn’t enough to even scratch or bruise Cell. In the seven years following the Cell Games, Vegeta surpassed Gohan, only to later find out that Goku had achieved Super Saiyan 3. Afterwards, Gotenks achieved Super Saiyan 3, and Gohan had his potential unleashed, surpassing both Goku and Gotenks. So not only could Goku and Gotenks both achieve a transformation Vegeta couldn’t, Gohan had outclassed them both. The series ended with Vegeta ultimately accepting that Goku is just better than him.

            Skip to Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta hasn’t had a single moment where Goku was just leagues ahead of him. They have remained neck-and-neck since Frieza’s resurrection, with Vegeta even having an edge and being slightly stronger. Vegeta has been thriving both in power and in battle almost the entire anime, and has yet to be fully eclipsed by anyone else’s accomplishments, as he so often has in Dragon Ball Z.

          • d3rd3vil

            Vegeta was in the time chamber AT LEAST 2 times more often than Goku wtf you talking about being more or less the same strength wise?
            But Vegeta reminds me of the Dragonball Z Gohan with his rage powerups. With that rage stuff he is always getting very close to his opponents strength or even beyond that.

          • KDG

            It doesn’t matter how many times he has used the HTC. Training is training. Goku and Vegeta simply have different methods of training to achieve the same results. Goku trains smarter, and Vegeta trains harder. Doesn’t change the fact that it has kept Vegeta’s and Goku’s powers within the same level of strength.

      • d3rd3vil

        Well look at the fight between Vegeta and Beerus….a little of bit rage changes it all apparently. Horrible but ok let him hurt Jiren.

        • KDG

          A little bit of rage changes it all… oh, do you mean like how Goku couldn’t handle Frieza at 30%, but became enraged when Krillin was killed and suddenly became stronger than Frieza’s maximum strength? It’s Dragon Ball; rage has always been a difference maker.

          • d3rd3vil

            Goku was not that much weaker than Frieza. And as SSJ1 he WASNT stronger than Frieza at 100%….AND it was a transformation. If Vegeta reaches SOMETHING like a SS Blue 2 why not hurt Jiren? But as a regular SS Blue….I dont like it

          • KDG

            Not true. Goku was even using Kaioken and getting his ass handed to him BADLY by Frieza who had previously stated that he was only using roughly 30% of his power at the time. King Kai even told Tien and Yamcha that Goku had been using Kaioken the entire time, and Frieza was absolutely wrecking him with no effort. Once Goku reached Super Saiyan, he was stronger than Frieza. It wasn’t by a large margin, but Goku’s power was slightly greater than Frieza’s full power.

            In regards to Vegeta’s fight with Jiren, I’m not sure if you realize it but Super Saiyan Blue is nothing more than a power multiplier like any Super Saiyan form. As such, it doesn’t have a minimum or maximum power. There’s no reason to believe that a Super Saiyan Blue cannot defeat Jiren. Have you forgotten that Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta were both outclassed by Black before Vegeta trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and came back to beat Black to a pulp? He certainly didn’t achieve any higher transformation to do it either. The transformation doesn’t matter so much, as the base power of the fighter using the transformation does. And at current, Vegeta’s base is stronger than Goku’s, and has been for most of Dragon Ball Super. It’s not so far-fetched that Vegeta would be able to give Jiren a better fight than Goku did.

          • d3rd3vil

            Yeah well but the fight was long and full of surprises. Goku could hurt and surprise Frieza over and over again. Yes Frieza was stronger but to what degree? Using 30-40% of his power….then Goku transformed and Frieza was using 100% and was more or less stronger again (at least a bit). Dont see the big differences here. But seeing Goku use 10x Kaioken against Hit showed us what a power boost that is. And now 20x kaioken didnt even touch Jiren……Jiren is miles ahead.

  • Roberto

    So it says subbed…but there’s no subtitles. I don’t speak Japanese

    • Felix Jones

      It will be subbed very soon. The video is uploaded without subtitles at first for those who don’t care and just want to watch the raw video. The subbing takes about an hour to find its way onto here. This video is a placeholder until that is released.

  • Semen Demon

    Ngl Dragon Ball Z was awesome, but Dragon Ball Super is cancer. It’s not as bad as GT but it’s getting close to being as bad.

    • Tom Radulov

      Opinions can not be wrong but somehow you made yours to be so .

      • Retarded fanboys strikes back. He has absolutely right. It’s boring as hell.

        • Ruxis

          “Retarded fanboy”
          Think you watching something you don’t like and find boring to be more retarded
          Super is in no way boring unless you mean the drawn out talking sequences on the stage
          Future trunks was epic, first tournament was awesome and even though this arc went along quite slow it is still very good

          • Not my definition of epic, but okay. You might think what You want, but I stated my reasons multiple times and although You might not understand them – they still are solid reasons for me and I think that’s enough. I don’t need Your acceptance of my private reasons. I decided to stop watching Dragon Ball Super after Tournament of Power ends unless it gives me some reasons to do opposite.

          • Hikari Daruringen

            i use it as a filler waiting for OPM second season xD

    • tubabluba789

      what, how?

    • Amey Shukla

      I found this season far superior to Z.

    • NeroD_1305

      you’re weird

    • Mr G

      Trunks Arc and rhis arc so far as been lit. I just want DBS to have a more serious tone

    • Hikari Daruringen

      …but GT had mostly better villian/opponent design though(it was weak because most action was super repetitive except for Shinshenron vs Goku + Vegeta fight). this tournament feels bland.

  • wowowaa


    • Hikari Daruringen

      they looked like friggin power rangers… lol

  • Gabriel Van Middelkoop

    super attack on titan

    • tubabluba789

      It reminded me of a great ape expert mission in xenoverse

  • tubabluba789

    If vegeta beats jiren, that would be so sick

  • Moh Jenglong

    firing all their beams at once even with frieza in the mix that was dope

  • Stephen m

    I have figured out what will happen. Vageta’s ultra instinct is all on attack and goku is all on defence ..if they both merge them selves as they do in other episodes then we have a perfect ultra instinct to beat jiren.they will be at the same level .so they will have trouble at first but then will figure out that if they use the ear rings to merge then boom game set match.

    • Neli Demiraj

      i had the same idea since Whis talked about Gokus UInst that he had prb using it when attacking

    • Adam Colquitt

      You’re literally repeating the same thing that people have been saying since early november

    • Nick Wilson

      No because Whis talks more about “if you two worked together, there would be no one who could stop you.” They’re just gonna work together to defeat Jiren.

  • JustAnotherFan97

    Vegeta: FINAL FLAAASH!!!
    Jiren: Oh, how cute! He named it -OH SHIT!!!

  • ohllamabanana

    We all know the final battle is Goku vs. Jiren, so does that mean Vegeta gets eliminated? Vegeta fan boys are going to be pissed.

    • KDG

      Quite a bold assumption there. We don’t know that the final battle will come down to Goku vs. Jiren. Universe 11 has three fighters left to Universe 7’s five. It could all be decided in the end by numbers, with Universe 7 winning with two remaining fighters to 11’s one. Or, seeing as the unmastered Ultra Instinct has some stamina issues, the final battle could always come down to Goku and Vegeta vs. Jiren. There are many different possibilities at this point. About the only thing we do know is that the tournament will end with Universe 7’s victory. Given the pattern of events that have transpired in Dragon Ball Super, there’s really no reason to assume Goku will be the one to end the Tournament of Power, or win by being stronger, seeing as no major DBS arc so far have ended with Goku overpowering the major antagonist.

      • d3rd3vil

        Regarding the story its all possible yes. Regarding the fights people wanna see its clearly Goku with full power Ultra Instinct shirtless (:D) against Jiren. I think that would be the greatest fight. 2 on 1 is never that great but it could happen.

        • KDG

          I think just as many people want to see Vegeta unlock Ultra Instinct and face Jiren. The only difference is Goku is the main character, and up until Dragon Ball Super has been the man to end all major fights by surpassing his enemies, so the general ASSUMPTION is that it will all come down to Goku and Jiren. Goku hasn’t ended a major arc yet in Dragon Ball Super, at least not by winning fights (Beerus showed mercy, Goku lost to Frieza, Hit defeated Goku, Trunks and Zeno ended Black, and the Universe 9 exhibition was just a precursor to the current arc). That said, it’s very possible that Goku won’t be the one to end the Tournament of Power.

  • Rosco

    No … i thing will be next fiusion …. vegeta ultra atack and goku def gogeta or vego perfect to win and beat jiren

  • last savior

    The homie vegeta finally gets his fade …salute to cuz

  • Akshit Arora

    17 is a beast. Frieza is a fucking savage as always.

  • AMV’s Society

    122 the real battle starts

  • Wafflepiezz


  • Akaalis

    if ONLY one of these phukin Saiyans still had their TALE!! We’d get to see a godzilla match between a giant ape and this biotech-giant… !!

    Bring back the tales….



      • Kyle Missingno

        Its already been done in gt

        • Mabswer

          Simpsons did it 😀

    • deantelm deantelm


    • Exertla

      Goku and that are fair beyond the giant ape stuff. If they still relied upon their tales they would have got eliminated easily.

      • Akaalis

        The tail is the hallmark of the saiyan race though. It would’ve been nice to at least have seen them on Cabba and the U6 saiyans.

        • The whole tail concept got dropped in the first season. I doubt it’s coming back. Also, Cabba said they evolved away from tails. So my guess is it’s not coming back.

      • Mark Sidney Foster

        It has been said that a Saiyan’s tail is the key to unllocking their full power. It acts like a multiplier of sorts. Imagine them in SSBlue as an Oozaru: the power would be off the charts! That with Kaioken and it’s all over.

  • Bhaumik Vadhwana

    THE PREVIEW OF 122 <3

  • gates

    Bout time veggie gets tge spotlight

  • SHADOW54312

    when the monster was gonna swallow them, I immediately thought he was going to absorb them.

  • SHADOW54312

    this was a good episode, that preview goddamn. Getting us that amazing animation from that one episode with kale

  • jack

    That preview for next episode made me nut a little

    • Mr G

      Pause b

  • Mr G

    About time my son Vegeta catch his 1on1 thump with Jiren. Rolling up a Gram to this episode when it drops

  • Jayk Bolado

    So the next episode won’t air till next year? I understand, since it is the final battle.

    • Kyle Missingno

      Used to wait longer for dbz episodes

    • Hikari Daruringen

      lol at final battle, i foresee at least 8 episodes or maybe 10. (i hope my gut feeling is wrong on this)

  • Hate how we have to wait 2 damn weeks til the next one after going through all these bullshit fights with mostly uninteresting characters as their opponents.


    well that preview is one way to get us hyped about 2018

  • advanced memeroni

    the thing is this show is being drawn out to the point where they could very well end it right here so universe 11 does have a realistic chance of winning

  • DBZ > DBS

    I honestly think Jiren probably agreed to fight goku and vegeta on their level to be fair. its no way in the world Jiren can beat goku ssj blue x 20 king kai fist with no effort and now vegeta is getting the best of him with just blue. plus it looks like goku is having fun with a smile on his face while he’s fighting. no way Jiren is being serious with them. he’ll only get serious when goku goes ultra instinct again

    • KDG

      Not quite. Vegeta isn’t blindly attacking Jiren; he watched Jiren’s fight with Goku. It’s really the same principle as when Goku, in his base form, managed to predict Hit’s attacks after Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta failed to even land a blow, simply because Goku watched Hit fight. Goku went in blindly against Jiren and got his ass beat. Now Vegeta is benefiting from being the spectator in that scuffle.

      • d3rd3vil

        Yeah you think its the same as with Hit….but Hit’s special tactic was different. Jiren is just strong and fast or is there a secret to his power? If yes then ok if not then its bullshit…..Vegeta will only fight him head on as always.

        • KDG

          It doesn’t matter that Hit’s special tactic was different. Watching someone fight gives another fighter an idea of their attack patterns and abilities. There have been several examples of this:

          – During the Cell Games, Goku purposely went first so that Gohan would see how Cell fights and have a better understanding of how to counter. Piccolo realized this when he watched Gohan effortlessly match Cell blow for blow on the battlefield.

          – In Resurrection ‘F’, Vegeta was able to figure out Frieza’s weakness and deduce that Frieza had not trained in his Golden form long enough, and thus was rapidly burning through his own energy, all by watching Goku fight him beforehand.

          – During the Universe 6 tournament, Vegeta blindly attacked Hit, and was effortlessly defeated without landing a single blow. Due to Goku watching the match, he was able to figure out how to counter the Time Skip technique, and even landed a few punches on Hit without going Super Saiyan Blue.

          It doesn’t matter if Jiren lacks special techniques and is simply powerful. Every fighter has their own style. Once a fighter has a better understanding of one’s fighting style, they can figure out their strengths and weaknesses, allowing for a more effective strategy. Vegeta is likely giving Jiren a good fight in that preview simply because he has already seen Jiren fight.

          • d3rd3vil

            Yeah well but Gohan went SSJ2 and was stronger and faster in every regard. Not really sure how that watching the enemy first makes that much of a difference. Here Vegeta should be a lot weaker than Jiren. Just seeing how Jiren fights shouldnt give Vegeta the edge over him. And Jiren is not just fast and strong in my opinion he is also a great fighter. So all the tactics shouldnt be enough to beat him. Vegeta also has to improve in strength and speed a lot. Another question then is how much can Jiren improve if Vegeta really hurts him…..Jiren can probably power up a lot more too. Well its gonna be interesting and damn wild thats for sure.

          • KDG

            Gohan may have been stronger and faster than Cell, but none of that amounts to anything without knowing one’s enemy. Gohan could have easily let that power go to his head and underestimated Cell, just for Cell to have a trick up his sleeve. Fortunately, Gohan had seen Cell fight already and knew what he was capable of. In martial arts – well really in battle in general – knowing one’s enemy makes a huge difference. As I explained, everyone has their own fighting style. With repeated battles, it becomes reflex. I think Goku explained to Hit during their battle, as Hit suggested he would simply change the way he fights in order to be less predictable to Goku, reflexes aren’t easy to overcome. Once a fighter knows their enemy enough (how they dodge, if they choose blocking over dodging, how hard they punch, etc.) to figure out their attack patterns, it’s easier to respond to said fighting style. I don’t know if you’ve been in many fights in your life, or have watched any martial arts or boxing matches, but fighting isn’t all about power and speed. A great deal of strategy goes into it as well.

          • d3rd3vil

            It still isnt the right comparison!! Yes ofc he saw Cell fight that might’ve helped BUT the SS2 power and speed were beyond Cells power big time. Vegeta vs. Jiren is sth. entirely different as Vegeta is CERTAINLY still a lot weaker than Jiren. Jiren is a fantastic fighter (I’d say) and just watching him wont help unless theres a huge powerup like Ultra Instinct.

      • DBZ > DBS

        even tho what you’re saying makes sense and definitely is a factor in how vegeta is able to hit him, its still a matter of how much power Jiren is using. If Jiren was able to keep up with Ultra Instinct Goku and only get hit once, there is no way he is using full power against vegeta. if he was using the same amount of power when he fought ultra instinct goku, vegeta wouldnt even be able to touch him. when goku fought Hit, Hit wasnt using his full potential to fight base form goku. you notice when goku went blue against hit, when Hit started to use his full power and speed, goku in blue form still couldnt keep up with the time skip, even though he knew how to predict it. Its all about how much power the opponent is using. when vegeta fought that mode change guy, in vegeta’s base form, the guy was giving him trouble and he had to turn super saiyan to get the best of him. and this applies to all the other weak fighters goku and vegeta fought during this series. they were having trouble with some of them because they were choosing to fight them at a lower level of power.

        • KDG

          By no means do I think Jiren will be giving Vegeta his all, as he’s likely holding back a fair amount of power to combat Goku’s Ultra Instinct. Still, there is something to be said for the fact that Vegeta is seemingly giving Hit a better fight than Goku initially did pre-Ultra Instinct. Jiren might actually have to turn up the heat against Vegeta; something he didn’t have to do against Goku until Ultra Instinct emerged.

    • Noah clark

      Kaioken x20 doesn’t mean shit. It does not and can not logically multiply blue by 20. It multiplies his base by 20 and adds that on to blue. Blue is the same thing in relation to God. Blue is God+50x base+physical and mental characteristics of ssj. I think the main point of kaioken on top of blue is that kaioken allows goku to push his body to limits that shouldn’t be possible. You know, numbing the nerve signals that tell his brain to stop before he kills himself. Savagely beaten in his first fight with Vegeta, kaioken allowed him to temporarily forget his wounds and go all out. My point is, Goku was not far stronger than Vegeta when he fought Jiren. Vegeta still has most of his stamina and this will be his first major battle of the tournament. While he was fighting Toppo he was paying a lot of attention to Goku vs Jiren. He is a lot more prepared for this fight than Goku was.

      • d3rd3vil

        Prepared ^^ Watch the preview he is bursting out with rage going at Jiren like a berserker. Exactly the same as when he attacked Beerus as SS2. It worked for a short amount of time Beerus was hurt….powered up and it was done. I hope the same thing will happen here as well.
        Also in the Hit vs. Jiren preview we could see Hit improve and hurt Jiren….we all know how that ended.And when Goku hit Jiren with Ultra Instinct he had the same face like in the preview, shocked surprised….didnt hurt him one bit though.

    • Hikari Daruringen

      you forgot that animation studio/producer dont care about power levels anymore; so ssgss vegeta can be stronger than goku ssgss kaioken x 20 because they said so. Same thing happened in zamasu fight, where trunks was able to keep up with zamasu in powered up ss form. Im not gonna comment much about goku or vegeta having a hard time destroying robots (kid goku feat, and i doubt they were made of harder material than super katchin which whole arena was made of).

  • Son Goku Sama

    Finally, The Proud Saiyan Prince at his best. Blue Goku couldn’t even land punches on Jiren and Vegeta lands punches….. OMG so hyped up for next episode.
    Finally they decided to give Vegeta, his moment of glory and maybe we could see Vegeta goes Ultra Instinct Offensive.

    • Son Goku Sama
      • ‏‏

        But having a hard time doesn’t necessarily mean he will lose though.

        • Son Goku Sama

          Obviously. The Prince will go Ultra Instinct offensive unlike Goku UI defensive.

          • KDG

            You do realize Ultra Instinct is just Ultra Instinct, right? It’s never been stated that there is an offensive or defensive type or form.

          • Shahzaib Khan

            Actually Whis said that goku has not fully mastered ultra instinct his body can move on his own when defending but he has to think before attacking. So moving your body without thinking in attacking is also necessary.

          • KDG

            Whis’ exact words were:

            “That’s the hard part. Everyone thinks about what attacks will be effective. The reason why all of Goku-san’s attacks were inadequate was because in that instant, his thoughts were focused on them. To separate the mind from the body and leave everything to instinct… I wonder if Goku-san will be able to achieve that in the time he has left.”

            None of this suggests or implies that it is an isolated problem faced by Goku, as EVERYONE thinks about what attacks will be effective. It also doesn’t imply that there is a defensive or offensive type. Ultra Instinct is simply Ultra Instinct: one’s ability to separate the mind from the body and move instinctively without forethought. I don’t know how people keep coming to the conclusion that there are different types of Ultra Instinct, or that Vegeta would be “Ultra Instinct offensive” as opposed to Goku being “Ultra Instinct defensive,” but nothing in the anime suggests such.

          • d3rd3vil

            Ofc it doesnt mean there is an offensive version thats bullshit. Attacking without thinking is harder therefore Vegeta reaching that state first seems unrealistic…..Reaching Ultra Instinct at all seems unrealistic now. He will probably hurt Jiren which is already bullshit (at least as SS Blue…) and then he gets knocked off.

          • KDG

            Unrealistic? We’re talking about a fictional cartoon universe; one that doesn’t always even follow the logic created by its own writer. Technically if Vegeta achieves Ultra Instinct, he wouldn’t have achieved it first, as we’ve already watched Goku subconsciously do it twice. It actually wouldn’t be surprising if Vegeta achieved Ultra Instinct while fighting Jiren. Goku subtly hinted at it in the preview when he says “Vegeta, even you won’t be able to beat Jiren so easily! Draw forth power beyond your limits!” It kind of implies that Vegeta will pass his own limits just as Goku did when he tapped into his full potential and achieved Ultra Instinct.

          • d3rd3vil

            Cant and wont happen! Not during the tournament. He will have a rage boost hurt Jiren with SS Blue which is interesting enough thats it. Done

          • Hikari Daruringen

            im gonna explain this stuff for you:: what Whis implies is that at the moments that goku thinks about how to attack his opponent, hes UI gets much weaker or you could say significantly less effective, on the border of “deactivating”. thats why some people called gokus UI defensive because at this moment, he only can keep up UI while hes in defense and the moment he tries to attack, UI starts to lose it’s power. thats also why some people think that if vegeta will be able to use that technique, it will be a form that focuses on offense (fitting vegetas agressive character) as in attacking on instinct alone as oposed to gokus defending/evading on instinct alone.

          • KDG

            No explanation necessary. I do know exactly what Whis was saying. I also know that he never implied that this was an issue specifically for Goku, nor that Ultra Instinct had an offensive or defensive mode. Any fighter thinks about what attacks would be more effective, making it harder to rely on instinct when attacking, as opposed to simply evading or blocking. Vegeta is no different, especially as a fighter who thinks even more than Goku does. It was never implied that Goku specifically is more defensive. This is merely an assumption based off of a clear misconception of Whis’ words.

          • d3rd3vil

            Absolutely no way

        • Kyle Missingno

          Hes a natural born villian he just knew what he had to do to become stronger

        • Jens Ingels

          I for some ultra instinct aura when he does that punch. Just a glimps of it or something. That would just make a lot of sence.

      • Adnan Ikram

        Its bcoz Vegeta is beating him in super saiyan blue where as goku couldnt and this face expressions are bcoz of the Final Flash. But he is Surely gonna block it.

      • Hikari Daruringen

        not really. it just shows that hes suprised by the power of vegetas final flash attack. after this shot hes shown blocking in the “hand-x style”


    • Riko Hitsuya

      making Jiren flinch is a accomplishment on its own, and in ssj Blue, Goku had to be Ultra Instinct do to what Vegeta did in the preview.

      i think Vegeta did the same thing Goku did with his 1st fight with Hit. Vegeta watched Goku’s ass get beaten and now Vegeta has a better idea how to go about it XD

    • deantelm deantelm

      Goku was supposed to be the prince of the saiyans

    • d3rd3vil

      Which is NOT realistic AT ALL seeing Goku with 20x Kaioken standing no chance…..this is beyond ridiculous once again 🙁 But that means no Ultra Instinct for him I am certain

    • Adnan Ikram

      hahaha ! No bro , ultra instinct means your instincts control your body and its movements , thats why your defense becomes too good like whis said. there is No Type of Ultra instinct offensive bcoz you cant attack on your own.

      • They never said there was “no offensive ultra instinct” They said Goku hadn’t figured it out yet technically.

        • Hikari Daruringen

          actually real ultra instinct is attacking and defending/evading by pure instinct. what goku uses is incomplete form or you could say an imitation.

  • Yorran Brina

    Was 17 flying when he went to break the reactor?

    • Ki Late

      he used that green orb barrier or whatever to lift himself. using a fighting technique to fly is allowed. like using ki blasts to push yourself back to fighting stange etc.

  • ‏‏

    Frieza did a lot of dumb things in Z, I don’t see why they suddenly made him much smarter after his resurrection.

    • Anonymouse

      Remember, when he died he had a LONG ASS TIME to focus on training his patience.

      • ‏‏

        Being in hell should’nt allow you to do anything beneficial, and he was frustrated and bursting veins the whole time, and even if the situation did allow him to do that that alone is not enough to make him tougher, train his fighting prowess further, or master his gold form.

        • Hikari Daruringen

          yeah he was sent to heaven of sorts – it must have been a one hell of parience training regimen for him. and if anime char says it was enough then its true in the anime. Also its a long known fact that frieza is probably greatest fighter prodigy in universe 7 hence he needs little effort and gains huge improvement, little things can be a whole lot to him. even now in the tournament hes watching all the fights learning stuff from goku mostly(he even comments on it, so its obvious).

  • ‏‏

    Kame hame ha’s for all!

  • Qazi SharOo Aleem

    Damn Vegeta is giving a good fight to jerin, looks like he’s also about to get ultra instinct.

  • Okabe Rintarou

    Reminds me of Straw Hats vs the zombie giant at thriller bark

    • Okabe Rintarou

      I take that back. The SH vs zombie giant fight was exceptionally well directed, unlike this crap.

  • Luke Linahan

    So…their final strategy is that a tiny flesh being, merges with 3 robots, to form a massive creature that’s easily 3 times the size of the merged robots? That’s pretty cheesy, cliche, and shoe horned. But..I mean Frieza finally did something, and 17 got even more character development showing off his unique style of fighting and the preferences of how he fights. The whole “sacrificing yourself” and “being the big hero” . I’ll take it.

  • Francisco Acevedo

    one Zeno is gonna root for goku and the other for jiren!

  • Milan Babic

    No. 17 Bravo! Can’t praise him enough.

  • Nathan T

    Potential outcome:
    Goku cần’t beat Jiren, but U.7 will seize the victory due to man-advantage , of course timeout

  • Grigorescu Tiberiu

    So this whole thing happened in 1 minute. Great.

  • d3rd3vil

    HAHA in the preview Vegeta hurts Jiren AS SS Blue? You gotta be kidding me you gotta be kidding me…..they are doing it again. A rage burst like that haha….but therefore certainly no Ultra Instinct for him that would overpower him big time that would be the end.

  • pitya05

    This episode was way better then expected. Definitely got chills when everyone teamed up for the energy beams, also when No. 17 rushed out.

    But that preview though…

  • SlayzWarlock

    This episode was bad ass at the end if im being honest

  • Parth

    Next episode,next year 🙁

  • Mark Sidney Foster

    Janemba’s attack is now canon.

  • konkeedong

    someone may have mentioned it before but think back to when beerus fully destroyed zamasu, he literally disintegrated him and they watched as his molecules floated away, every time a universe has been “destroyed” in the tournament it’s more of an instant transmission looking phase out. they’ve introduced some cool characters and gods of destruction so i doubt they would ultimately be gone forever…just a thought

    • Hikari Daruringen

      beruus hakai might just be just an ability granted to all destruction gods by some supreme being(like zen-oh) and not of his own. In the “hakai scene” you see that beerus isn’t using his power at all, he just says the magic word and zamasu disappears. that could imply, that someone elses doing the deleting thing… wink wink xD

  • DaHell

    LMAO @ Jiren talking shit to U7. What an arrogant fucker

  • Dbzfan 10334

    I mean goku kaioken x20 had literally no chance against Jiren but vegeta fuckin kicks him in the crotch like DAMN

  • Umegames Official

    UUUUGHH THAT preview!!! gotta wait 2 weeks 🙁

  • Omark

    Jiren should crush these weaklings

  • Adnan Ikram

    Vegeta is 2nd most powerfull, his final Flash looks too powerfull and he will surely give jiren a good fight, but he will lose. Like always happens vegeta puts everything and then he will have no stamina or jiren will throw him down, as he dont have Kaioken x20 which goka had.

    My theory is whether goku and Vegeta will Fuse by Potara Fusion to become Vegito, then they will Throw Jiren off the stage OR Goku will take Jiren with him somehow and Gohan will wish for all the Universes to return back to Life.

  • Freeasabird

    11 DAYS!!?? wtf! what are they celebrating the 12 days of christmas over there? or somth’in wtfs go’in on wi-dat?

  • ibro


  • ssj4gotenks

    Awesome episode. Frieza finally did something. 😀 And that “boss” was by far the most impressive enemy ive seen in this tournament… theres jiren and stuff ofcourse but the other universes have been quite lame.

  • Anonymous

    17 was awesome and he had been my most favorite character since the gathering of fighters for the tournament.

  • Omark

    Kinda sad that we did not see Jiren vs this monster or Kefla

  • BowWw BowWw

    Interesting. A Freeza relative lookalike.

  • Fayte

    10 minutes remaining. Lmao, all that transforming and fighting, near 30 minute episode and 1 minute has passed.