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  • Alexander Vd Meulen Mr-Quest

    no live feed

  • Alexander Vd Meulen Mr-Quest

    screen is frozen

  • sara

    awesome !!

  • MrLucky

    Anybody else’s just freeze?

  • Jayson Sardan Cercado

    same here

  • Jayson Sardan Cercado

    guys just refresh and sub is on…

  • Swarnendu Prince Roy

    Can’t download

  • Jonathan Maples

    omg not working just freezes

    • WhiteFlame

      work of frieza

  • you don’t need to know

    no problem for me guys

  • 1080p Uploaded. !

    • Ishmel Walker

      Not working bruh

    • Ishmel Walker

      Still not working i m trying everything I can

    • Ishmel Walker

      I might die

  • Ishmel Walker

    This junk say w woah hold up tf

  • Jonathan Maples

    yes that was siiick

    • Ishmel Walker

      What was

  • bekekekek

    that last person in the spoilers for the next episode… HES THE GUY IN THE NEW 2018 DRAGON BALL MOVIE :O

    • NolifeDemon

      Hes really not, you have no proof to back up your statement here either. The new movie has a keyword defining it to be Saiyan’s with some more light shed on them and their back story, so I would doubt they’re about to recycle a character thats going to get beaten in 2 episodes for a new movie following the regards of the saiyan. You’re just talking out your ass at this point. since besides what I have stated nothing else has been shown or teased.

    • FearTheSponge

      Isn’t it a game intro and not a movie?

  • Akaalis

    I am really and truly wondering if Jiren is capable of taking on and taking out by himself, that BIG BO$$ in the next episode that U7 will have to gang up on…. !!

    • charzelo

      It will take one finger and an energy stare from Jiren to finish this one off

  • labe keebler


    • Omark

      finally after 20 episodes. Total joke that he did get nearly zero airtime

  • Akshit Arora

    How?? How did they survive that??

  • steary_eye

    I can’t wait for the ultimate super big boss fight!

  • The Legendary Troll

    its interesting how nobody has truly challenged frieza up as long as the tournament has been going on. hes the onlu character who got to observe most of the time

    • Omark

      exactly my point. It is so fucking disappointing and wasted potential

      • malcoball

        Are you stupid? Frieza is saving his energy so when he does do something it’s going to be amazing. I’m guessing you expecting him to act like everyone else

        • d3rd3vil

          And his opponent should be who? Not many left wouldnt you agree? ^^ Could only be Jiren or Toppo maybe at best….but my guess is that Frieza is the one to boost maybe Gokus energy again so he can fight Jiren at full Ultra Instinct power. OR Frieza has a plan to knock off his teammates in the end ofc!

        • Omark

          I better hope so or I will be mad

    • charzelo

      Remember this has been the plan all along. Frieza is deliberately saving his strength for the others to do the dirty job and when the time is ripe he will pounce at them.

      • Akaalis

        You know what I imagined and was hoping for much earlier in the tournament that Frieza could’ve done, was appearing behind Jiren as he struggled against Goku’s spirit bomb, then all of sudden Frieza would make a bomb of his own(with 1 finger) and then you can guess the rest… !!

    • Benny Wong


    • FearTheSponge

      Multiple characters went after him, he just easily shut them down.

  • This episode was meh

  • ‏‏

    I get the feeling that the arc will either end at episode 125.

  • NumbZkull Noise

    Why does the ”giant warrior” look like hatchiyack?

    • FearTheSponge

      Because they are bringing in movie style characters into the canon, just like with legendary ssj with kale.

  • Casey

    Just got a notification from my AV plugin that this site attempted to use my PC to mine crypto, just an FYI to all of those probably get something to block that.

  • Omark

    I like DBS but it really pisses me off that Freeza nearly got no showtime during all the tournament. Vegeta didnt get much too.

    • Erhe R.

      Best for last.

    • Milan Babic

      In January you’ll see Vegeta vs Jiren which is enough for me and it will be a masterpiece.

  • lordz dmo

    such trash ep

  • Vironas Marmaridis

    9/10 episodes are trash. I wonder why I am still watching this show and what do I expect from it.

    • EnDroxX

      because you are a sheep that cant resist.

    • FearTheSponge

      > Says Dragon Ball Super is trash
      > Likes Dragon Ball Z and Naruto

      Choose one, because Naruto and DBZ are inferior to Super.

      • ibro

        dude what are saying….dbz aint inferior to dbs lmaooooooooooooooooooooooo

        • FearTheSponge

          It is, BY FAR

          • ibro

            dude drugs are not a good thing.

          • FearTheSponge

            GT is just as good as Z and that shows how bad Z actually was.
            Super gets some of the charm right of the original dragonball series while bringing in more interesting villains.

            Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu are iconic villains, however Z as a work of writing/interest is mediocre. You have nostalgia for it. The reason people dislike GT is because they don’t realize the real reason they didn’t like GT was because they were bored of Z.

          • Did we watched the same anime? GT as good as Z? If Z is mediocre, then GT is pile of shit (looks like fan made spin-off), and Super is only slightly better then GT, the major thing is more refined, more up to date animation.
            Super brings recycling of old ideas from previous series which – aside from more “modern” animation – are done horrifically bad in most cases.

          • FearTheSponge

            No, you just have nostalgia for Z while everyone always said how bad GT was because they don’t have the nostalgia and it continued on.
            People were already getting bored of Z during the buu saga.

            Super is light years better than Z and GT.

            Super recycles ideas? Lol what? GT is less recycled than Dragon Ball Z.

          • You don’t know me so how can You assume I have nostalgia? I’ve watched whole Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z less then 2 years ago for the first time. You see how You failed with Your assumptions? It has nothing to do with this retarded “argument” of nostalgia repeated notoriously by Super annoying fanboys. Super is better in Your own universe. It has braindead, boring plot with little to no consistency, it constantly repeat old content with lazy, copy-paste like manner (yet, fanboys claim it’s better then old series… omg braindead show for braindead audience). It is nowhere close to dynamics, kinetics and organicity of fights from Z, yet has lot more budget. Vegeta is made retarded, generic tsundere. Goku is often made half mental retarded. Vegeta god transformation is cheating, he literally was given it out of ass – because plot required this. Others gain their powers even more out of ass, because plot required it. If the show don’t follow any internal logic and consistency, and You can give someone ridiculous jump in power without proper, consistent and internally logic explanation – just because plot need this, then there’s nothing interesting in show. You can give anyone god-like powers and don’t even bother to explain. You can write whole book about what is wrong with Dragon Ball Super. It’s pity how some people can’t see obvious drawbacks that make this show painfully average and even below average at some moments. I guess, all that some people need is colorful animation and dozen of pointless transformation to be completely satisfy.
            Every time I look in comments I see Your annoying babbling “but Dragon Ball Super is sooo good”. Don’t bother grown ups please.

          • FearTheSponge

            Super is shakespeare compared to GT and Z.

          • Troll harder.

          • FearTheSponge

            It’s not shakespeare, but compared to GT and Z it is.
            Z and GT are battle porn.

      • ILikeManga

        Did you just say Naruto and DBZ are inferior to Super. You actually disgust me lol. Normally I enjoy hearing different opinions, but that one is so upsettingly sad idk what to tell you.

        • FearTheSponge

          Dragon Ball Z is battle porn, outside of Frieza, nothing really compares to Zamasu. Dragon Ball shits on Z too.
          Naruto is mediocre in the beginning and then it becomes literal trash tier as it goes more into the series.

          Super isn’t a great series but it’s better than Z and Naruto, keep getting upset casual anime viewer, if you want, I can suggest you GOOD series.

      • In Your mind. Naruto (at least first arcs) is way better thought show then anything Dragon Ball Super has to offer. DBZ… don’t even need to explain. At least dynamics and kinetics of fight scenes are just light years ahead DBS. That’s just alone crush DBS in comparision.

        DBS is just so painfully average anime that it almost hurts. I just waiting for the tournament to end for solidify my final opinion. And my opinion up to this moment is that it’s merely merchandise device for pure selling gadgets purpose. Such a shame.

        • FearTheSponge

          Oh I get it, you don’t actually watch super but you’re jumping onto the bandwagon that was the initial hate nostalgia that people had for the animations of earlier super and all that stuff.

          Super is vastly better than z and naruto, Zamasu for example shits on anything that naruto has dished out (and the best naruto has dished out was orochimaru)
          Naruto’s early series was painfully average, then it become mediocre, then it became trash.

          • You don’t get anything and it’s actually very sad 😀 Zamasu shits on itself. It’s so retarded that made it’s own class of retardation. Traveling in time back and forth, no internal logic or consistency at all, Trunks gain god-tier power out of ass. Yes, it’s classic Dragon Ball Super garbage for not especially bright kids. Your spamming at nearly every single comments shows that in addition You might have very serious case of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

          • FearTheSponge

            You mean essentially what ssj did for goku against frieza?

            Anyway Zamasu was great, better than any villain as far as goals and crap from dbz.

            Zamasu had depth to him that no dbz villain did.

            As far as time travel, there was a shit ton of consistency, but don’t be upset, it takes a very high iq to enjoy dragon ball super 😉
            Dragon Ball Super delves into why things are and how the world works, unlike with Z. Stuff like the energy drain of forms, what forms are, etc etc.

            As far as Trunks:
            Trunks fought Goku and Vegeta, through the Goku fight he proved that his ssj 2 was actually pretty much superior to Goku’s ssj 3. Vegeta then in his fight showed and used ssj blue against Trunks. The way to achieve ssj blue is pretty much have it on you and be a geni us, go ku got ssj god because he is a genius who took it into himself.

            I’d like to remind you that trunks also went through the ritual to make him a supreme kai’s assistant, this comes with an assortment of cool techniques including healing. Zamasu and Goku Black go more into detail with this in the manga in that goku black whenever he gets hurt would be healed by zamasu (who was never made a supreme kai so he couldn’t properly retain the fusion with goku black, becuase non supreme kai fused with potaro earings can only do it for an hour or till they expand too much power) because he was a supreme kai’s assistant. Both supreme kais (supreme kai of trunks timeline and the one of zamasu’s alternate timeline that was created because he existed yet beerus killed zamasu of goku’s timeline)

            But back to Trunks, he was hit with god ki and so he took it in and was able to use god ki pretty much, however since he didn’t have any ki control training with god ki and all that, he could never insert it into himself, this meant that he never got a form out of it despite the fact that he could use god ki. Ssj blue is at it’s strongest when there is no god ki leakage and Trunks was weaker than Goku and Vegeta.
            Anyway he ultimately beat Zamasu with a Spirit Sword pretty much, like a spirit bomb he took energy from everyone alive (including goku and vegeta who are ssj blue leveled characters) and then used it on zamasu.

            Fused Zamasu being half immortal due to zamasu being immortal put him in a very tricky situation that meant he was pretty much falling apart, but even when he fell apart he still could essentially exist and thus he became one with the universe, corrupting it slowly.

            Zamasu is a better and deeper character than your favorite z character.

            Saying Super is for stupid people yet you couldn’t understand it, HAHAHAHAHAH, lame.

            Yes, block me so that you can run away from getting shitted on in this debate when you say stupid shit.

  • ‏‏

    I am going to guess that the arc will end at episode 125.

    • d3rd3vil

      Maybe Jiren takes out one at a time one per episode….then we get more than 125.

  • d3rd3vil

    I hate C17 and C18 sooo much….doing nothing and succeeding plus unlimited stamina. Hell….
    And everyone gets knocked out now so that means 6 warriors of universe 7 vs. Jiren, Toppo and that rabbit? Also not what I was hoping for…..now Jiren has to knock out all the bitches himself like C17, C18, Frieza, Gohan….boring 🙁

    • FearTheSponge

      Are you even watching the series? 18 is about to be knocked out by the universe 3 fusion of 3 characters while 17 and Frieza are on the level of Goku and Vegeta.
      Frieza is the most interesting character too.

      • d3rd3vil

        Then let me ask you what you want? Who cares if ANYONE is on the level of someone else they HAVE to get hurt, beaten, there have to be REAL fights like the one between Goku and Jiren or maybe Goku and Kefla. Where are these fights for C17? Frieza? Vegeta? Gohan? They just fly through the tournament. Where are the strong opponents what the fuck is this? Only fusions are strong ….and Jiren…..this is some super bullshit. Hit couldve lashed out but nope he got fucked by Jiren ofc.! Lets hope C18 gets eliminated by that giant next episode but then its only Jiren, Toppo and Dispo left. Not sure how they can be a big threat. One can easily take care of Dispo, another one of Toppo and then its Ultra Instinct time but ultimately Jiren will probably kick out C17 and Gohan. I was really hoping for a very tough tournament of power where EVERYONE fights at his limit. But most of universe 7 fly through like its some warmup matches.

        • daruman

          relax.. its a cartoon.

        • FearTheSponge

          17 vs the upcoming fusion character that just happened from universe 3 might be a good match, or 17 vs dyspo or toppo.

          Eh, the current fusion being strong is irrelevant, it’s like trashing on piccolo cuz he’s a fusion. I mean the universe 3 guy created those robots that he fused with so it’s just as justified of a power up for him as the androids and piccolo are.

          Universe 6 had Hit, Kefla, and the two nameks.
          Universe love had some strong characters and the male sailor moon were stronger than the female, they created a fucking dark hole.

          Hit already got beat, he’s as much a main character as Gohan is, probably more so.

          If it takes a group effort from a bunch of ssj blue+ leveled characters to defeat the fusion from universe 3 (and the universe 3 created the robots like I said) or if it’s a serious fight where like a serious 17 fights him, I’ll be happy.

          Honestly I went into the tournament hoping that each universe had a ssj blue leveled character or two. Universe 3 would have had the guy who was kicked out earlier for example to fight 17 (was expecting the one to be much stronger), the love universe would have the thanos guy who ended up leading the male sailor moon (it would have been cool to watch him just walk forward casually and people flying at him and he’s just grabbing their arms when they punch and slamming them hulk/thanos style and him being ssj blue leveled at least), etc etc. With 11 having 2-3 ssj blue leveled characters and above and 7 having 4 (goku, vegeta, 17, and frieza)
          That didn’t work out, but oh well, this arc if anything is meant to introduce new good guys that will be future allies for goku and the others (along with hype tools for future villains)
          This isn’t a “oh there is the bad guy”, this is pretty much the chunin exams/hunter exams of dragonball super where you meet allies.

          Universe 1, 12, and the other 2 who aren’t in the tournament probably have people more up to what we want in terms of power, then we also have the fact that there are unknowns in the universe 7 because the supreme kai doesn’t pay enough attention as far as combat ability is concerned and thus more potential for the future (plus maybe this for the other universes as well), plus say Jiren wins and wishes all the universes back (including 13-16), suddenly there is a huge influx of powerful characters. (people think jiren is a survivor from one of the destroyed universes and that is what he wants his wish to be which has been hinted at that he wants and is the reason he’s here in the first place to fight)

          Then you have gods of destruction, seemingly people between angels and gods of destruction leveled beings as one of the angels wanted to promote one of the gods of destruction, stuff between angels like whis and beings like the grand priest, and other beings around the grand priest level.

          So yeah, ultimately the future has a bunch of power houses.

          Dyspo was kicking Hit’s ass for a while.

      • Yup, Frieza is interesting… Mainly standing there and watching. I don’t think 17 is on level of Goku and Vegeta. And if so, then this is major bullshit. He has the point. 17 and 18 quite effortlessly beat their enemies while much more stronger members of U7 are struggling at the same time. It’s illogic. But again, I’m starting believe that i’ts indeed cartoon for children as many said before.

        • FearTheSponge

          Frieza is charismatic and well voice acted, he pretty much takes your attention even when he’s just sitting around talking. He’s also extremely lethal, doing stuff like piercing people with beams in brutal ways. He also has ulterior motives and is overall a great anti “hero”

          17 is vastly stronger than 18, he always been stronger. 18 was created later than 17 but was made weaker due to how rebellious 17 was and it was an attempt to keep her under control, that didn’t work but she started weaker. 17 without ANY interest or skill in fighting was able to pretty much be implied to have beaten post kami transformation piccolo. Keep in mind that they were both fighting equally without 17 having any concept of stuff like ki control, martial arts, etc etc. He would have won ultimately because cyborgs (not so sure about the original ones like niner) have infinite ki, this is due to the fact that they have a battery of sorts that constantly produces ki, this means they never tire out, never get weaker after prolonged fights (unless physical restrictions happen like their limbs are torn off which is just common sense for anyone, they’d still be at peak, just not have those body parts anymore)
          Then you have the fact that 17 has been actively training, a character who was baseline starting at piccolo leveled without any ki control understanding or martial arts training (he didn’t even realize he liked fighting until he started to enjoy the fight with piccolo) trained with little to no restriction for years. Remember the last time we saw 17 outside of him raising his hand to help with the spirit bomb that defeated kid buu was when the cell games were happening. (until he came back in super)
          What is that? 20 years? He would gain plenty of strength when he started to understand ki control (keep in mind that outside of zenkai boosts and transformations (along with some martial arts training and pratical application of distancing and stuff obviously), goku has only ever really got stronger since he was literally kid goku out of merit of gaining more ki control) and started to master martial arts. (and he had a lot of time since he was off on an island alone with infinite stamina)
          Goku is restricted due to chichi and his family, along with physical limitations like requiring to eat large amounts of food and rest due to getting weaker.
          Ki control btw makes you more durable, stronger, your ki blasts stronger, your perception of time becomes much more epic (like you can view time slower the stronger you ki control is), faster, etc etc. (concepts detailed in dragonball, starting with master roshi’s master when goku went back in time)

          17 has what, 15 years of training since his fight with piccolo, starting at pretty much fused kami piccolo leveled of strength as his baseline “natural” level of power, having infinite time and infinite stamina (along with a lot of free time and a love for fighting)

          17 hasn’t been trying actually so far, he has been too busy playing with his prey (in a non sociopathic way like frieza, more curious to see his opponents and their fighting styles and natural tendencies like they are animals)
          17 and 18 has actively been fighting without any limitations to stamina, goku has spent half the tournament barely even able to go go ssj due to high impact fights against people like jiren and kefla. 17 can fight at his best 24/7 but he hasn’t, 18 has been fighting at her best but is still inferior to 17 since she hasn’t been training (much, if at all, maybe very little is more applicable for her) and she started at a lower baseline than 17 did. (and she has less passion for fighting than 17 does)

          Much more stronger? 17 is Vegeta’ish leveled, only ultra instinct goku is much stronger than him and he’s only done stuff like be well above kefla (but have objective reasons why he couldn’t put her down) and jiren (who is stronger than everyone 17 has fought by quite a bit)

          18 has struggled multiple times, she hasn’t stamina drained but she’s been saved by 17 quite a few times in the tournament while actively fighting at her peak. I have a kind of feeling that either 17 will have his big fight in the form of the upcoming villain, considering it’s pretty much cyborg vs cyborg (and I think the cyborg will knock 18 hour pretty early on giving more reason for the fight since 17 and 18 were actually blood twins who were kidnapped by dr gero so they are actually siblings) and that will be cool, or that he’ll be one of the core fighters who goes against Jiren, Toppo, or Dyspo.

          If he fights Jiren, he’ll be a hype tool/maybe used to tire Jiren out a little like maybe Vegeta will be used to do.
          If he fights Dyspo, he’ll win with difficulty.
          If he fights Toppo, then it’ll be a nigh even fight probably.

          But yeah, don’t underestimate 17 and his infinite ki/stamina.

  • AndrehS86

    20:28 who animated this vegita xD

    • pasta12

      Lmao I saw that too, was like “…wait why is Vegeta smiling??”

  • Rebekah Armstrong

    Now Playing dbs 120

  • DBZSuper

    hmmmmm……. Androids destroyed one robot… endless stamina… but then why the HELL did they not jump BACK INTO THE FIGHT to get that sorcerer whilst Gohan was occupied with the final three robots… Androids both had so many opportunities to destroy the sorcerer whilst sorcerer was distracted.,..

    AND FINALLY WHY THE HELL do those 3 love so much to just WAIT for this secret weapon.. do what Android 17 did at time and just knock the sorcerer straight out.. lol instead they just stand their watching….

    • I Know You’re Just a Teenager

      I don’t know if you’re old enough to understand this but that’s how all of the kid’s shows are. The creators make you want to anticipate what would happen if all 4 of them fused together and show you how it plays out. It’s just a simple kid’s showcase concept.

  • Grimlo6k

    “next time on dragon ball Z” -90s dub voice

  • So, You can’t use items… Again.

  • Mos

    I was hoping this was going to be the “last” filler episode… I want some Ultra-goku vs Jiren action to happen again SOON. But the next episode might actually be good.

  • Abdullah Tariq

    well the graphics are starting to suck again

    • Akaalis

      Imagine if DBS was given One Punch Man animation quality… !!

  • Eric Zamora

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