• EndaStory

    Goku is pushing himself way too hard! i wonder what will happen to him if he keeps this up.

    • Ifrinpls

      lmao as if this anime had a lot of twists and interesting plot devices. This is just a weekly 20 min dose of fanservice.

      • Tapo Emt

        And yet, here you are, the second it comes out.

        • Zardock

          Someone watching it means their criticisms are invalid? You’re more annoying than the people constantly complaining.

      • João Carmona

        You could be shown DBZ as if it was your first time seeing it and you would jump on the hate train.

    • Benny Wong

      freiza may have a suprised performance instead of just goku 🙂

  • Moritz

    I’m already quite sure that Goku will win the tournament and then simply wish for all universes to be reinstated and then he will wish to fight the other universes that were not included in the fight

    • SantyK

      That would be like going against zen-oh’s rules, so im p. sure goku’s not gonna bring back all universes. But toriyama will find a way to atleast bring back relevant universes,

      • The King of Gains

        Goku will wish for everyone that was wiped out because of the tourny to be revived into his universe. Meaning, that his universe will be filled to the brim with new life and strong people to fight. Also means the saiyan race will be reborn and Vegeta will have his “family” back

      • Ashuraman

        As if Zen-Oh’s rules even MATTERED at this point

    • Tom Webster

      That’s pretty much a given

  • tim biegel

    freeza wil win and goku fusion vegeta and zenno vs zenno controlled

    • Benny Wong

      freiza is the smartest one to save up his enengy, he’s the trump card for uni 7 not goku 🙂

      • Huzefa ZA

        i still say goku is the trump card, prime golden frieza < 20x kai ssb goku < jiren holding back. So frieza can't defeat jiren who is the last boss in the series

        • dgoku

          Freeza is the janitor of U7. He’ll let Goku eliminate Jiren, get eliminated, then let Vegeta do whatever he needs to, like maybe eliminate Toppo. When everybody else is weakened, Freeza will release his true power and clean up the tourney. Clever but underhanded strategy that could get him the win and wish easily.

  • Jamie Taylor

    Is it done in english

    • tubabluba789

      it doesnt seem like they’re uploading it

  • Zardock

    God damn with the false teasers. Always acting like something significant will happen this episode then everyone gets predictably fodderized.

  • Slothy

    wasn’t this meant to be subbed?

  • Jo

    This site sucks ass!

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      • Jo

        Asswipe? Didn’t know losers still say that in 2017. Bitch just shut the fuck up!

        • harpskid

          Losers? Didn’t know faggots still said that in 2017. Go back in the closet and shut the fuck up!

          • Jo

            And this is coming from another keyboard warrior that hasn’t gotten his daily dose of ass whoopings. Kid you and your GF really need to take your own advice before you get your feelings hurt real quick you can’t win against me, you’re just another troll douchebag that lives in your mom’s basement. How i don’t feel sorry for you lol.

          • harpskid

            Someone hasn’t pooped today. I feel ya, constipation is a real pain in the ass.

          • Jo

            OMG you are such a child lol. Thanks for making clear my suspicion, now go play with some legos.

          • darkracer

            i’m sorry but harpskid won this one

        • XD


          You both need to get a life.

          • Jo

            Great another turd has joined the party.

  • Adrian

    Werd why isn’t it subbed?

    • Ashuraman

      It is now, it takes a few minutes for the upload to finish

  • Mohd Shuhada

    wow so many free to watch people keep complaining about the sub. sit down and wait for it lol.

  • I got a little emotional there at the end ~

    • Benny Wong

      are you kidding me? Glad those ennoy chars are gone….

      • They are indeed annoying but a life was snuffed out. Champa went out in fashion. That was the scene that did it all. “Hey Bro” see you on the on the other side basically.

    • NolifeDemon

      Tbh so did I, not for universe 2 in anyway, but the scene between Champa and Beerus, I felt sad on the inside like I could tear up a fair bit!

      • Omark

        i totally agree. I got emotional too because of beerus. btw. fuck universe two, finally done

        • and Vados bowing to Champa as farewell…

          • Manny

            And what about Caulifla and Kale, I thought we’d see way more of them since they were Goku’s pupils now…. Unless they are planning to bring them back in the very end???

          • Oh you’re right to think otherwise, they aren’t done with these powerhouses by a long shot that’s for sure ~

          • July II ®

            thats what vegeta plans to do with the super dragon balls

          • Nsparks

            I think it would be interesting if it ended in a twist and universe 7 got erased sending them to the same erased world as the rest of the other universes that would be an easy way for them to bring back fan favourite characters as well

        • Yeah peace out to uni two lol sad to see Champa act out of character slightly at the end. Horrible relationship or not.

      • Haha nobody defending uni 2 at all haha, but indeed that scene between CHamp and Beerus showed us a side of Champa we never seen before. Fairware Big Bro !

    • Manny

      Lol same, was pretty sad seeing Champa and friends get erased, sure Beerus was too. Looked cool on the outside, crying on the inside.

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself, but i do think uni two was a bit too much overall. We all gotta admit they went out like some champs too. No hard feelings whatsoever , a beautiful end like a champion, champion of love.

  • Sorry For the Late Upload, 1080p is Up now.

  • Fractorification

    This episode was surprisingly better than I thought It’d be. The fights got pretty intense and Ribrianne, despite being such an annoying character, accepted her fate in a happy note.

  • Akshit Arora

    Hey you, Better prepare yourself. I’m in a terrible mood right now. #BADASS

    • Manny

      I got the feeling Vegeta got hurt to see his pupil get erased and now he’s super pissed. And knowing Vegeta, rage, is his most powerful weapon

      • Tommy Hamilton

        Indeed, thought I’d worry 2 things happen.
        1 – he accidentally killed him cus of his rage (not likely since he was shown in next episode’s preview)
        2 – Moves him one step closer to that ultra instinct in trying to catch Goku. Though he may just end the fight in like 1 punch and move on cus he’s pissed. Which is very likely also.

  • SHADOW54312

    So badass how we got to see a deceased-looking kami and nail

  • Akaalis

    As much as I appreciate this series for the DBZ nostalgia and continuation of it’s storyline. Sadly we’ll never get those 3 hour Frieza vs Goku fights(or the like) ever again.

    • Benny Wong

      hopefully there’s another DB movie coming up for x’mas 🙂

      • Akaalis

        Yeah but the fight within the movie, will never be as long AS the movie…. !!!

      • Manny

        Yea a better one though. I’d like to see a LA DBZ movie but looks like the show. Powers included. Not some firey looking blasts. Blasts gotta look like explosive Ki action lol

    • Martin Tóth

      I don’t mind I don’t see those long fights. Against Buu it was really horrible,that everyone fought him,they were better than Buu,but always done something stupid (like Gotenks haven’t shown their full power,Gohan underestimated Buu,Vegito’s fusion ran out,etc.). Frieza’s 5 min but 20 episode fight were also irritating,the dialogues were more than 5 min,not even the fight…
      4-5 episode is enough,if it is cool like these 🙂

      • dgoku

        Vegito didn’t do anything stupid. He wanted to get absorbed so that he could get Gohan and the others out. He did let down his barrier in Buu, but the barrier wasn’t doing anything anyway.

        Gohan didn’t do something that stupid. I mean, he did let Buu absorb Gotenks, but honestly, Buu outwitted him more than anything else.

        The biggest idiot in the whole saga was Gotenks. The second biggest idiot was Goku who should have finished Buu as soon as possible instead of letting the kids take over.

  • Someo Nelse

    I have to repeat myself from last week, but this time it really look like we are done with that Ribrianne cunt. That had to be one the most annoying character from anime history.

    • death taco

      she was not so bad for a gag

    • Omark

      fuck universe two. Biggest shit ever

  • Zeroblade

    That last bit makes me feel like Vegeta is going to get a power that isn’t Ultra Instinct but similar. Sounds cool so that he isn’t always chasing Goku’s shadow

    • Marc Marte

      tired of Vegeta being surpassed, Toriyama owe us a surpassing Prince already

      • d3rd3vil

        Nope some rageshit wont help here

        • Manny

          Rage always seems to help in vegetas case. Big time

      • Manny

        Vegetables is always gonna be in Gokus rear mirror to some extent. That was his whole character base since they decided to keep him after he attacked on Earth a long tine ago. But Vegeta fans will always be pissed.

      • Manny

        Dry phone autoC to vegetables. *Vegeta

    • wowlock

      There are theories that Vegeta will get the Attack side of the Ultra instinct since he is more aggressive than Goku which makes sense. Goku got the Defense version and Vegeta should get the Attack version.

  • Abdullah Rashid

    beerus felt sad for his brother


    oh god no

  • Hashirama Senju

    if i was in Zeno sama… I would personally destroy universe 2!!!

  • Rafi Snappy

    Honestly, I felt sad for Champa. I’m Hella sure Berus was hurt to. Crying Inside. But he’s a god. Gotta Hide his feelings 😭.

    • Omark

      yes i felt really sorry for Champa. I expected him to say to Beerus that he hopes he win this

  • Vijay Appaji

    Beerus was crying inside… its so sad that universe 6 is eliminated.Goku was badass and Finally got to see full power of Gohan but isnt that badass.
    When vegeta says i am in a bad mood man i got some goosebumps…

    • Michael Blub

      Full power? He wanted Piccolo to contribute in the fight, he wasn’t even exhausted or trying during the kamehameha

  • The Legend27

    For once gohan stood up and protected his father

  • Wafflepiezz

    “Say something”

  • Wafflepiezz

    Also, guys, check out


    Goku unleashes a hint of red when he did his kamehameha wave. The red form of UI?

    • 8F

      ui isnt red, kaioken is

      • Charles Malo

        I don’t think you understood what he meant.
        There’s a theory going on that Ultra Instinct actually has 2 color hues: Red (for Attacking portion of UI) and Blue (for defensive portion of UI). So far, Goku has unlocked the defensive UI but still hasn’t mastered Attack UI.

        The theory is that Vegeta will get the Red Attack UI form instead of blue like goku because vegeta’s nature is very aggressive.

        So when both end up masterying both sides of the UI their hue will be a combination of Red AND Blue, or even purple i guess since we haven’t really gotten that color for saiyan power ups yet. But yeah. That’s what he meant when he said goku had a slight red form when attacking with the kamehameha….

        That being said, he was in blue form at the time and not basic form goku, so i can back the whole “it’s a kai o What?” wave.

  • Omark

    emotional episode but not because of fucking universe two

    • Kyle Missingno

      how did you kids ignore that father son kamaha

  • S. Ford Lonchar

    And still nothing from Vegeta and Frieza… Toriyama must hate them. Two most interesting fighters along with Goku, 0 screen time. Dissapointed. And not 6 days for another 20 min episode.

    • Narutachu

      Frieza i can understand, he is planning something.
      But Vegeta doesnt get any screen time without a reason, its just sad.

      • S. Ford Lonchar

        Yeah, but we all know Frieza.. he would love to demolish someone. Just like Vegeta. And when Vegeta gets his screen time, he will be beaten by some lame character again.. I’m sick of that.

    • Grommalom

      If Toriyama hated them, why did he go through all the trouble of writing them in to the story? He didn’t have to write Frieza back in to the story line, but he did so your assessment is invalid.

  • Anonymous

    U2&6! Please, take krillin with you.

  • ahsan

    champa made me cry what can i say!

  • d3rd3vil

    Wait…it was 15 min left now its 13!! So what…..thats a maximum 13 weeks but probably less. I want the damn Jiren rematch soon!

  • I was really happy that Universe 2 got erased because of their whole “Love” thing and annoying transformations. Universe 6 on the other hand was the one that matter to me because am gonna miss Hit and Champa not Caulifla and Kale lol glad their gone

  • Tanuj Pandey

    db time uur the best uploader man

  • Tanuj Pandey

    no need to apolozise

  • wowlock

    Well Zen-oh is probably the biggest villain in the series so far. I mean little shit literally destroyed multiple universes just for shits and giggles. That is why no one should have such power. Especially a child-like Ultimate-God.

    • Travis Layne

      Someone doesn’t pay attention. He’s doing it because the black Goku shows how much a Kain it is to manage 12 universes so they only want 5. They were going to originally gave 4. PAY ATTENTION

      • Grommalom

        Travis Layne, wowlock said nothing to indicate he hasn’t been ” paying attention ” you’re just being a dick. Killing innocent people (erasing them) is not justified because of mismanagement. Saying why you want to erase universes with all it’s inhabitants does not excuse the evil of the deed. You can justify killing all you want but killing is killing. Wowlock is correct, Zeno IS a villain and should be destroyed. Frieza is on the right track with his ambition to overthrow him.

  • Lukas Kuzminskas

    Lol everyone’s panicking about universe 6 being erased, but guys cmon, have u forgot how universe 7 works ? obviously universe 7 will win, and what do you think will happen when they get their hands on super dragon balls ? i think we all know that all the universes or at least MOST of them will be revived.
    Do you really think Vegita will just let it slip without seeing Planet Sadala ? Also Vegita Promised Cabba he will ressurect them sooooo yeah. Also Goku would never let someone as strong as him just vanish lol
    anyway, all this universe erasure is just an Emotional rollercoster, you’ll see 😀

    • Noor Iskandar Bin Subehan

      I totally AGREE WITH YOU BRO !!! HAAHAHA

  • Jens Ingels

    No piccolo namek fusion tho 🙁

    • jthexman91

      I think we’re like the only ones who felt sad about that lol….poor piccolo -_-

  • M’àoùchi M’øøh

    Any one knows the soundtrack that starts at 14:02 ?

  • Rodi

    This was really good, the fights and the ending were on point.

  • jthexman91

    After universe 7 wins the tournament, and vegeta keeps his promise in reviving universe 6, It would be cool if Vegeta, after he has visited planet sadala, takes his family to planet sadala to stay there permanently, and stay there until he has train as many saiyans and pretty much make the saiyan warrior race great again. Or a coold alternate story would be he falls in love with planet sadala after his visit that he just doesnt wanna come back to univerese 7 anymore, and decides to bid farewell for good, until next time hes needed? Like maybe when freeza decides to take out the gods and goku cant finish him on his own so he calls for vegeta or someone gets vegetas attention to help save goku. I just want something cool to happen for vegeta, he deserves his moment already.

  • Rambo

    I was close to crying watch the ending 4 times and vegeta got me hype for the next ep

  • Rambo

    I almost cried at the end watched It four times and vegeta go my sooo hype for the next episode

  • konkeedong

    anyone else notice how the announcer in the beginning said ribrianne was “finally defeated” so they knew this whole time all these love bitches are fuggin lame and are trolling the tournament also just when you think they’re gone they put the male characters in their same transformation costumes further continuing the troll, god damn

    • ‏‏

      I think the joke has been going too far.

    • Chivalry123

      um no.

    • ibro

      its worse with the males…that shit looks super gay affffffffffffffffffffff

    • Elma Kucevic

      They also say in the song that zanu- sama will be also destroyed

      • The Legend27

        Destroyed and blown away have different meanings

  • William Ralph

    Did anyone else notice gokus attack flashed red just before universe 2 was elminated and then wiss says about him braking his own limits (red ultra instinct obviously) 😱😱😱

    • LexxxD

      He used Kaioken to further increase the strength of the Kamehameha…

  • Gabriel Bryant

    I realize this show is fully ridiculous. I realize the power scaling is absurd and we’re all really just here for epic highs.


    Sometimes art finds a way to reflect a shadow of truth about life–pain and struggle with a dash of transcendent hope. Keep drawing Toriyama. Every now and then there’s a resonance, and the fan sure do appreciate that sound.

  • Bradley

    I’m kinda sad that Piccolo didn’t absorb Pirina and Saonel to sorta “carry on the will” of the U6 Namekians and get a major power-up.

    I feel like 13:55 was one of the most satisfying moments in this whole episode.

    • LexxxD

      Well, that we will be kinda dumb, since after the Tournament, all Universes will be resurrected…

      • MrSky Boy

        stop spoiling ffs

    • M’àoùchi M’øøh

      Any one knows the name of OST/soundtrack played at min 14:02 when gohan was fighting with the namekians

  • LexxxD

    This cringy Universe 2… God.. After the end of the Tournament and the resurrection of the Universes what will be the next challenge in front of Goku?

  • d3rd3vil

    Can someone tell me why there are 9 comments instead of 100+….they somewhere else or get deleted?

    • Grommalom

      Maintenance on this website is spotty at best, comments are frequently wiped out, I am sure it’s just mismanagement.

  • Hgfgbn

    I’m gonna miss hit from universe six

    • M’àoùchi M’øøh

      Any one knows the name of OST/soundtrack played at min 14:02

    • dp009

      i thought hit was alive. in his secret time space maybe, because zeno never pressed the button on his pad when hit was knocked out. but in this episode we saw the universe getting erased. wish there’s a plot twist soon.

  • M’àoùchi M’øøh

    Any one knows the name of OST/soundtrack played at min 14:02 when gohan was fighting the namekians

  • moni

    we already know whats going to happen goku will win and wish for all universes to come back

    • somebody you may have known

      I 1 trillion percent agree i almost think they will have goku wish for all universes to come back and be one in the same

  • Russell Freeman

    I’m excited to see freiza fight. Also i want to see his evil plan for goku reviled

  • James Deveaux

    I’m guessing they’ll win the tournament and use the Super Dragon Balls to wish back Universe 6. Because as we all are aware of, death is not permanent for characters that we like.

  • Mike Aleman

    I will miss champa-sama and his shitty words . SAD :'(

    • Artiom Samofalov

      Don’t worry, I think the winning universe will resurrect everyone with super dragon balls

  • Scrub

    Aww, I actually got a sad for uni2 even though I found them really annoying and tenacious. Bravery in the face of utter annihilation!

  • Parth

    Loved the episode

  • illy

    universe 2, is part of the homosexual agenda lol

  • Bradley

    I wonder if Vegeta’s rage at the Saiyans being wiped out yet again will trigger something in him?

    • Berudagon

      Ultra Instinct perhaps to put him on par with Goku?

      • Bradley

        Ultra Instinct Attack since Goku has the Defense form? And then fusing into Gogeta lets them use both at the same time?

  • pasta12

    What did Beerus mean at the end when he said “Say something”. Was he talking to Whis and Whis didn’t answer? Possibly to Champa somehow? Maybe an incorrect translation?

    • Tom

      I think he was trying to ask his brother to reply as if to know if he was really gone.

      • pasta12

        Yea that’s what I think too. It seemed like he was trying to talk to Champa. We don’t know if Champa answered. Either that or (copying part of my response from another comment in this thread):

        I think another potential translation is “say anything”, which would make sense to say to himself in that moment, regretting not saying goodbye to Champa.

    • The Legend27

      By that he could have meant two things
      He was talking to himself to say something to his vanishing brother or possibly to champa to say something instead of just standing there making a funny face

      • pasta12

        Possibly he was talking to himself. That’s a good idea.

        I don’t think he was talking to thin air about Champa saying “say something” sort of a complaint. He was too serious. He’d have acted more angry. Possibly he’d say that to himself in a serious tone though.

        I think another potential translation is “say anything”, which would make sense to say to himself in that moment, regretting not saying goodbye to Champa.

    • David Don-d Desroches

      The translation isnt good, its “at least say something”… makes it 100x more sad.

  • Zoushu

    Sad, but they’re all going to get brought back for sure. It’s Dragon Ball.

  • Tiggysmalls

    god damnit…

  • Tiggysmalls

    now we have trans warriors of love.

    • angelus paul

      those fags ruined the whole fight for me

  • Poksu Lajim


  • Fox Tree

    What a utter sht!

    • angelus paul

      the fags ruined it for me

      • Fox Tree

        The concept is just fck bad!

  • BDawg

    Am I the only one that misses Champa?

  • angelus paul

    dbz can learn some fighting choreography from naruto , they seem to lack in this department.

  • Rebekah Armstrong

    Now Playing 118