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    Watch Dragonball Super episode 117 on dragonballway

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    How can i watch the episode here

  • Kefla Kefla

    Watch Dragonball Super episode 117 on dragonballway

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  • Makoto

    when HD is going to be out?

  • Souless One

    Everyone rejoice! Ribrianne has been defeated wut wut!!

    • The g

      Stop. Your ruining it. -__-

    • Carsten Svendsen

      Finally, I hated that fat girl

      • Benny Wong


    • The Legendary Troll

      That alone made this pitiful episode worth watching

      • Scotch

        Fuck this show. Such lame story telling, this could be written by a child. Why the fuck does 18 have a sprained ankle. Wtffff

        • Ryukashin

          That fat fuck should have been knocked out of the tournament at her first appearance, she’s so weak everyone fights her without powering up because it would be unfair otherwise.

          • ‏‏

            Everyone else keeping their powers down just for her really reeks of political correctness.

        • Someonenamedleo


          • Scotch

            Because I am a die hard fan and doesn’t mean I need to like the story writing of this series, so buzz off.

          • Someonenamedleo

            Then stop bitching.

          • Scotch

            Your just a dick head. It’s the comments section of a video, it’s made for opinions for these video. This episode sucked along with most of the series. Suck it up and deal with it. Watch Dbz and maybe you’ll understand why people are annoyed instead of just insulting people.

          • Someonenamedleo

            I’ve seen all of Dragon Ball Z and everything goku related. You are just a whiner. Be a real fan and love the show.

          • Scotch

            Everything goku related wtf does that even mean. Essentially you are saying if a series turn to watch people taking shits all day, I should still love it and support it. No, the you’re a fucking zombie and anything will. Make you happy. You’re brain dead like I said

          • Someonenamedleo

            Lol. I love Dragon Ball. So, they can never really create anything bad.

          • Scotch

            You’re braindead.

          • Someonenamedleo

            I agree! Brain dead for Dragon Ball. Except for that bullshit ass live action Dragon Ball movie. That shit is for non-fans. Oh wait, lol, you probably liked that shit.

          • death taco

            you guys need to chill

        • asghasg

          Android, not robot 😉

    • sddsf

      Thanks for spoiling the ep 🙂

      • ‏‏

        Stop viewing the comments first then. 😉

      • DBS is a SSJ bargain sale

        That wasnt really much of a spoiler, we all knew she’d be defeated sooner or later, thankfully it became earlier than i anticipated.

    • Someo Nelse

      Finally, no more of that stupid cunt.

      • Benny Wong


    • Goku White

      thank christ

    • Zera Xion

      My tears of blood were transformed into tears of joy. Thank you so much 17 & 18!

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    • dgoku

      Next episode we learn that Ribrianne’s love touched the Kings so much, they want her back. She returns to the tournament, and because she is the kings’ favourite, she has their back up and defeats everyone. Universe 7 and all other universes are erased, and only universe 2 remains. We now have to watch a new show Dragon Ball Love, where she is the main character, and after her wish the entire universe turns into some lovey-dovey thing. CIA agents catch drift of the show, and decide that it’s the best show ever and that everyone is forced to watch it. They somehow kidnap everybody in the world and force us to watch Dragon Ball Love over and over again, until eventually everybody becomes carbon copies of Ribrianne.

      • pankotle

        Well that escalated quickly

      • Randy Rethlake

        Naw! She Joins Universe 7, After the Tournament, Moves to Universe 7 and Becomes BUU’s Love interest.

        • dgoku

          Jeez, I hope that doesn’t happen for real now.

    • you said it brother!

    • Akaalis

      Too be honest, the only time I liked Ribrianne was the 1st time I seen her when she took out them trannies…… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1080p Uploaded.

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      Video player 6 is not working

  • Akaalis

    I guess I shouldn’t be unhappy that the next episode is filler… !!

    • Lorebrarian

      The next episode is not a filler.

      • d3rd3vil

        Well the 2 namekians cant be difficult to beat….it will be a filler. Maybe Piccolo sacrifices himself that would be at least sth. On the other hand if the 2 namekians get beaten Hit and the Sajyans will be gone, erased and cant watch anymore. Thats gonna be hard

    • IronicTwist

      How is it filler? We’re about to see multiple universes erased.

      • Akaalis

        The fights themselves with the class of enemies will be fillers, when compared to a “Hit vs Jiren” or “Jiren vs Goku”. I care not for Gohan and Piccolo against the 2 Namekians. I’d rather see “Vegeta vs Toppo”

    • FearTheSponge

      Filler = non canon material used to bolster the series so the manga can get further.
      The anime is canon and so is the manga so neither have ANY filler.

      • Akaalis

        Any 3rd rate fighters(like those namekians or remaining weaklings of U2) that the Z-team have to fight are considered fillers by me. At least give me a “Vegeta vs Toppo” and I’d be more than satisfied.

        • d3rd3vil

          Yes true even the 2 babes were too easy to beat by 17 and 18….thats not what a tournament of power should look like with all these cheap weak noname enemies! At least knock out C17 or sth for dramatic purposes.

  • Oshin Hacopian

    what a garbage episode

    • Entertainment With Ham

      agreed (Y)

    • Adrian de Lioncourt

      look on the bright side… Ribrianne got eliminated 😀

    • Lorebrarian

      Garbage? We finally get to witness that fat fucking bitch Ribrianne get knocked the fuck off of the stage and you say it’s garbage? This episode just introduced a future without Ribrianne!

      • yeah nothing garbage about any episode

        • d3rd3vil

          If it were 1 episode every 2-3 days I’d concur. The episode would’ve been ok….but as many people stated over the last couple of months 1 week for an episode like that is BULLSHIT BULLSHIT

          • what are y’all fools expecting?, good ass ep everytime?, build ups are there for a reason lol

          • d3rd3vil

            But not 10 weeks for the Jirenfight then another 10-15 episodes for a rematch….you ok with that? I certainly am not. Just show us the fight between Goku and Jiren, let them eliminate themselves and then its fine by md to get back to the smaller stuff every week.

          • What do you expect? it’s called build up, it is what it is, you know whats next lol, so it’s ok

      • Zardock

        That’s the problem though that’s all that happened, always showing a pretense to stuff happening without going forward with it like the 3 guys ganging up on Goku then Ribrianne transforms and is pretty much one shotted seconds later.

    • ‏‏

      Definitely worse than all the filler episodes in DBZ.

  • Xavier Lucky

    This episode was going to be the worst fucking episode of all time until the very end.

    Still ended up being a little shit though.

  • The Legendary Troll

    Its about time this B I T C H got eliminated. I’ve been waiting on this moment since the arc began.

  • Something Original

    fuckin’ finally
    That bitch was anoying as hell

    • Something Original

      No, but really. If I hear ‘love’ one more time, I’m legit gonna lose my shit

  • geo

    FInally it’s gone, finally Tubby Love has been beaten.

  • Droidboy


    Man Universe 7 is definitely 2nd strongest. Jiren is what keeps his universe afloat. Otherwise they lose as well.

    • FearTheSponge

      Goku, Frieza, Vegeta, and 17 are the only ones who matter in universe 7’s side.
      11 has Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo

      • dgoku

        Dyspo is not that strong; his gimmick is speed. Toppo is a threat, but not as big a threat as Freeza, or Kaioken Goku. Plus Universe 7 has the, albeit whimsical Ultra Instinct.
        Its other members aren’t bad too. Gohan especially. Piccolo and 18 aren’t weak either. All the weaker members have been weeded out already. In terms of members Universe 7 is the strongest, and if Universe 11 had no Jiren, they would be done for.

        Jiren on the other hand is a monster that throws all of this out of the window and makes Universe 11 tower over everybody else.

        • d3rd3vil

          Whimsical? Why the fuck is it whimsical its what fucks Jiren sooner or later

          • dgoku

            Whimsical because he can’t access it at will, nor does he have mastery of it. Once he is able to properly use it though, it will be the ace of Universe 7.

          • d3rd3vil

            Yeah well right

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  • Blendon Çoçaj

    Hahaha this episode was worth because of Kiaoshin.

  • Parth

    I have a question,when all this was going on ,those 3 bastards where just looking at goku ?😂

    • Sutanto Tanaka

      I know right? LMAO… Dragon Ball logic…

    • Bartek Włodarczyk

      Don’t let that distract you from the fact that Krillin doesn’t have a nose.

    • johnny sk

      Ikr! Sometimes the time-logic is soo fucking exaggerated that my brain can’t ignore it anymore…

  • João Carmona

    Holy shit, this episode was great.
    They managed to give depth to their filler character, on a filler episode, whilst going deeper into two lesser “main” characters.
    Hell, i thought this was gonna be just more repeated footage of Ribrianne’s dumb attacks until she just got overpowered and lost, instead we saw how far she was from what she tried to make it seem like she was (The hole warrior of love bs), and saw her be so blinded that she got beaten by love, while (in her eyes) she was battling FOR love. I can’t imagine a better way to finally get rid of a hated character.

    • Oblivion

      Man are you trolling? What a bullshit episode skipped 80% of it

      • d3rd3vil

        It was pretty bad yes especially cause C17 and C18 do NOTHING they dont power up they do shit and win easily what is that….

    • Timothy Wiegand

      How the fuck is that filler? The anime and manga come out together so no need to fill up time.

    • Kavi Amalakumar

      I swear the cell games were better than this shit, Gohan is a kid would smash 90% of these fucks about. The proportion of power from DBZ to Super annoys me at times. Like this ARC should be like the cell games on crack, but it feels so powerless, especially when you know they are holding back 90% of their power. I guess the only reason for this shit is to cater to the younger generation or people that never watched DBZ. But I hate how they power up like Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren yet the punches seem the same as a fight vs Raditz. They need to show the level of power through animation way better. Everytime the arc changed in DBZ and everyone got stronger, it excited me, like the fights and explosions would be way more dramatic, I felt that shit. Now I’m like SS blue feels like SS1.

  • Say what you want about the episode but am pretty sure I speak for all when I say we’re all happy that fat bitch Ribrianne is finally out! Wooo Hooo

    • ImperialLariat

      it was worth it just to watch her dumb ass get knocked out
      bitch talking about “Beautiful” when she looks like the Michelin Man

      • Benny Wong

        yes I agree

      • dgoku

        I’ve had more wet dreams than I dare admit about the Michelin Man. There’s just something about those sexy tire curves and hollow dot eyes that make him irresistible.

    • ‏‏

      I was more glad when they took Kefla out, Kefla makes Ribrianne look like a saint in comparison.

  • Muhammad Ahmad

    so when 17 and 18 were fighting reburian, Goku and other universe 2 Characters were staring at each other for 15 min? 😀

    • Shah

      that was universe 6

    • Shah

      oh never mind

  • dbzfan

    haa-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch haaaa-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch hoo-chooooo!


  • dheerajpareek

    just make Gohan out of the ring and i am quitting this shit for once , in every Saga of Dragon Ball Gohan unleashed such power that none can gain for once he has hidden powers i can agree he din’t fight for long but that’s never the case for him to raise his power, so just please bring the old gohan back for fuck sake he din’t did anything in this saga of DBZ

    • FearTheSponge

      Gohan is literally the worst character on universe 7’s team.

      Universe 7 already has multiple god leveled characters in the form of goku, vegeta, frieza, and 17.

      • d3rd3vil

        Ehm well Gohan is more or less on the same level as Frieza and 17 and Vegeta as SSB…..But thats NOTHING compared to Jiren

        • FearTheSponge

          Nope, 17, Frieza, and Vegeta beat out Gohan.
          17 was holding back against ssj blue and might even be goku leveled.
          Frieza has superior anatomy and all that + he has something hidden under his sleeves, I feel like Vegeta, Frieza, and Goku are the main 3 that will achieve ultra instinct honestly. Vegeta is stronger than Goku until ultra instinct.

          We have to remember that toppo was ssj blue kaioken leveled.

          • d3rd3vil

            Mhh Vegeta is stronger and Frieza will achieve Ultra Instinct. You smoking sth.? Nice theories

          • FearTheSponge

            Toppo is a character who was fighting base goku and goku was hanging on somewhat, then he standstood ssj blue kaioken (x10) goku at the real end. Toppo was someone who held back until goku went all out with ssj blue kaioken x10, then he powered up himself. He doesn’t have transformations but he was holding back.

            17 is a character who with no actual fighting training/ki control was able to have the edge over post Kami fusion Piccolo after a lifetime of training. Of course this had to do with his augmentations but still, another fact is that he was stronger than 18 because 17 was too unruly so 18 was made to be weaker so she could be more under control. 17 pretty much had a power level of like 200m or whatever without having any ki control or martial arts ability at all. He didn’t even get interest in fighting until Piccolo fought him there. (also the edge he had over piccolo was that they were equal but 17 had unlimited ki so he’d have won)

            So we have a character who was pretty much baseline with no ki control at a power level of 200m or whatever, how has goku, vegeta, etc etc gotten stronger beyond forms since dragonball time period? With ki control. Ki control makes you stronger, faster, ki blasts stronger, perception of time slower, etc etc. Well and a few zenkai boosts because saya-jin.

            So 17 was so strong with no ki control, getting ki control and training how to fight would GREATLY improve his overall strength. Mix that with having unlimited ki meaning he doesn’t have to rest and stuff, more free time than goku since he’s away on his own on an island to train to his hearts content, etc etc, yeah. Also dragonball is a universe where characters can do visualization training and get much stronger even, that’s what piccolo does and what frieza has been doing (along with ki control and calming his emotions)

            Vegeta was stronger than Goku, he proved this during the Zamasu arc when he beat down Goku Black easily. Then you add the extra training like you said =w=
            Vegeta is stronger than non ultra instinct goku.
            17 is probably around equal to x10 kaioken or even x20 kaioken since 17 was holding back and so was goku (probably was talking about x10 kaioken or x20)
            Gohan is weaker than x10 kaioken distinctly and he has a lot more weaknesses than the above do.
            Frieza is at least ssj blue leveled.

            Regarding ultra instinct, frieza and vegeta will ultimately get it before anyone else. Those are the two characters who are actively at it, Frieza via deeply watching the fight happen so he himself can get it (and frieza is a god tier genius mutant), meanwhile Vegeta is actively after it as well.
            After that I imagine 17 will get it and maybe further down Gohan will.

            It’s also possible that 17 might achieve something more unique.

  • abdullah khan

    Worst episode

  • dbzfan

    Is that your husband? He doesn’t have a nose!

    LOLOLOLOL I’m fking dying!! xD xD

    • Benny Wong


  • Omark

    fucking fat bitch of love is finally out

  • ImperialLariat

    Really hoping we get some good with Gohan. That preview looks like Piccolo did when protecting Gohan from Nappa, way back in early Z. I wonder if Piccolo will get hit, and it will push Gohan to a new level. I really hope so because it’s been disappointing, as nice as it has been that he reclaimed Mystic. So hype he was getting back into it, but he’s had no growth since.

  • Khairul Azlan

    Does anybody got gif when no 18 kicked that annoying ribriane’s face

    • Benny Wong

      me too

  • Alexis Qurry

    e-e being fat isn’t a reason to hate someone.

    • Oblivion

      its a reason to not like them or appreciate them.
      And now im not rude its just that if a human neglects himself and doesn’t respect his own body by nourishig it then other humans won’t respect that as well.

      • Sharon J. Hawkins

        It is just as rude to open one’s fat mouth and say it to them as it would be for them to make fun of your slouch, or your four eyes, or your railroad tracks, or your bee-sting A-cups, or your acne pockmarks, or your meth mouth, or your unswiped v-card. (Not you specifically….anyone.)

    • fuzzy

      a wild sjw appears.

    • ImperialLariat

      You do realize she’s not actually fat, right? That it’s a transformation that just happens to look stupid as shit? Also pretty sure that isn’t the core reason people hate her.

  • Johnathan Granville

    Once again cost Goku all his stamina? Great no more Goku fight for a month

    • d3rd3vil

      Jep thats for sure. Maybe Ultra Instinct again for christmas….

  • N0k3 Hilari0us

    15 weeks till the tournament ends :O

  • Bartek Włodarczyk

    I was hoping for Frieza to brutally torture her and drop her out horribly mutilated, but this will do 👍

    • When she got big and started talking about all that beautiful love bullshit, i thought Frieza might go berserk cuz he couldnt take it anymore especially cuz it reminds him of Hell then he would just absolutely obliterate her to the point shes nearly dead

  • Валентин Хаманов

    Some guy there must be really fucked up to think that by making a cute girl FAT is more beautiful.

  • paybackwestwick

    GTFO with Ribrianne, please..

  • Oblivion

    Holy fuck what a bullshit episode,idk wtf is with the writer making this shity autistic enemies if somebody saw me watching this Bullshit i would be ashamed stop making DBS So fucking childish and autistic wtf is wrong with you srsly.
    this is complete crap had to skip 80% of episode you are shaming dbs fucktard

    • d3rd3vil

      Yes it was pretty shitty yes

  • Jens Ingels

    A lot of resources used for practical a filler episode. If this going to hurt the animation of the future episodes I’m going to be mad.

  • 12354346123cx

    Nex episode will be how: Goku Elimanes JIREN HE FAILED JIREN FIALED <3

    • d3rd3vil


  • d3rd3vil

    Haha they truly know how to excite us in one episode and BORE US to death in the following ones. Great work…..so that suit guy who fought Vegeta is an extremely weak wimp, good to know. C17 and C18 are still in ofc why would anyone else from universe 7 get knocked out…..let them all stay in till the last episode so we can have lots of filler episodes, wonderful 🙂

  • NumbZkull Noise

    Finally, that bitch got knocked out!!

  • yahiya

    wtf are we gonna do if gokus voice actor dies ?!

  • yahiya

    i was expecting No.17 to come with a strong ass transformation to save No.18



  • Kyle Missingno

    they really want to end the series for good. new forms for video game sales

  • Jason Richard Farver

    I have been having serious issues with this website lately

  • Luxion

    The Universe 2 warriors are going to drop their potara earnings and Goku and Vegeta will fuse into Vegito again, I’m calling it right now.

  • ThatGuy984

    Ribirianne and her hideous team are a absolute waste of animation screen time and budget…thank god they are gone

  • pasta12

    I’m glad Ribrianne is finally defeated, but I have to say that line about Krillin was fucking hilarious.

    “He’s not beautiful. He doesn’t have a nose.” lmao

  • Pixel_ Gh0st

    best episode ever Ribri-bitch is out

  • Rich88

    Universe 2 is pretty stupid. Why would they think the “love” of some friends and random people would be meaningful at all?

  • Moktadir Mridha

    Just wanna see egarly how Goku defeat Jiren …….

  • Neato

    That giant Ribrianne fist vs 18 fist reminded me of One-Punch man! It was pretty sweet

  • Luke

    Generally I skip the intro, but I decided to watch this time since I figured it would be the best part of the episode.

  • Anonymous

    Can`t stand Krillin anymore. I wish he had jumped on the fighting stage:) SQUISH!

  • Tiggysmalls

    finally… after this all the stupid girly charecters are done. i was about to give this show up… f*chin female brawleys and warriors of love… this is dragon ball damnit! not teletubbies

    • Inferbier91

      I know theses girly characters made dragon ball super boring

  • Rebekah Armstrong

    Now Playing 117

  • Naudii-Chan