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  • Harok9

    Actually retarded how she can even remotly step up to ultra instinct.

    • 💀👻💀 Phantom’s Comet 💀👻💀

      This is just showing that potara fusion is op and its goku is just worn out

      • jack

        portal is the 2 people power combine x10, he was fighting both in red with ease, so at the very most she could be at blues level, one loop hole is kale wouldnt be able to tap her power and califa can do that for her, but still the female sayians ruined super in so many ways, was hyped for them then just write them like garbage the brolly head nod fuck that shit should have just kept the brolly male

        • 💀👻💀 Phantom’s Comet 💀👻💀

          Ye they’d could of made the writing on the females better and more development but…its super :-[

        • Meliodas

          They will probably have more development if Vegeta go on Sarada planet… maybe… I hope haha

      • Harok9

        Ye but still u know according to power scaling god ki was supposed to be soo strong, but it looked so weak for alot of epsidoes.

        • 💀👻💀 Phantom’s Comet 💀👻💀

          That’s true I smelled bs on that its the writers hyping the potara rings and them up

      • Habu

        Ultra Instinct Vegito should technically be stronger than any of the gods and the series could end today.

        • 💀👻💀 Phantom’s Comet 💀👻💀

          I would want to see how that work cause vegeta (when he gets it) and goku ui omen are different the way their instinct is set up (just saying) but it would be awesome to see the great priest and vegito fight

          • Jens Ingels

            It’s unknown what the gap is between the gods & the angels. It will be possible even Basic Instict Vegito is only Whis level. The Grant priest could be 1000 times as powerfull as him.

            Also we still don’t known how potara’s are created. It could have a rather limited resource as far we known.

          • 💀👻💀 Phantom’s Comet 💀👻💀

            That’s true on the scale of power we really don’t know how strong are they

        • jukq tengs

          God ki is hard to control that is why Vegito cant go long

      • Son

        he was worn out against jiren also when he went UI

    • Carlos Ramos

      I’m gonna have to sorta agree with you.
      Phantoms Comet is right though. We never really found out how strong vegito was.
      Also those ear rings amplify (somehow) the base strength of both characters combined.

      • jack

        Portal in super was said to be both people power combine the combine power is multiplied by 10 (not stated base or max) goku was fighting both in red, so at the very most she should be able to keep up with blue but should still get completely owned by blue and again learn SS 2 days before TOP and have no stamina issues at all

        • Dillon M

          he said 10s tho so could even be 100

        • Carlos Ramos

          Ok, well I don’t really know but since everyone is saying x10 I’m gonna have to agree.
          She obviously had no chance. Also I just watched the subbed version and realized why she kept getting back up after taking hits from goku. Caulifla might be strong be I don’t think she has any chance against ssb or ssg form. At least not without fusion.

    • Habu

      It makes sense. Potara fusion is the sum of both characters power level then multiplied “tens of times”. Berserker Kale was already enough to go toe to toe with SSJB Goku. It seemed like Kefla even took that further by going SSJ2 berserk, so her power level should have been insane. If anything I’d say the fight of SSJB Vegito vs Zamasu was what f’d up how strong fusion is supposed to be.

      • Philip Deena

        plus goku was already dead tired, this shit seems fair to me

        • Dallas Owens


        • Hupuable .

          And he didn’t master Ultra Instinct still

      • Dallas Owens


    • jukq tengs


      • jukq tengs is stupid


        • jukq tengs

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          • Limit Breaker Goku

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    • Joshua Brown

      That moment you don’t pay any attention to the episode.

    • Abdallah Maatouk

      its not retarded, whis explained goku didnt fully master ui, he can dodge perfectly all attacks but he still cant attack at 100%, when hes attacking hes thinking which is lowering the level of attack to tired blue goku or less which she can totally tank

      • d3rd3vil

        Damn its gonna be nice when Goku fights Jiren at the end man thats gonna be damn wild! Now another 5-10 episodes before he can go Ultra Instinct again 😀 What a damn shame…..maybe for christmas we’ll get to see the final battle between Goku and Jiren…

        • Mabswer

          Thats a bit too Hopefull, in reality its actually closer to the end of january early feb for that Fight. since it ticks 1 min per ep and Jrens fights is at last 4 mins..

    • The Legend27

      Whis said goku is thinking about attacking rather than leaving his body attack on itself thats why kefla lasted so long and took all of gokus punches

    • Rollin

      Why are people so salty about that. It’s dragonball. Don’t we all just watch this for giant explosions and shit. I couldn’t give 2 fucks about power scaling.

      • Rollin

        Just STFU and enjoy an amazing fight.

    • Calvin Fraser

      As Whis stated (and many others) he hasn’t yet mastered the attacking part of the transformation, meaning he cannot utilize it to full potential, thus his attacks (in addition to being injured, and drained of stamina on top of the physical strain) are weakened quite a lot. These weakened attacks against a highly powered up (10’s of times by polaris, plus their latent power, and LSSJ) Kefla would obviously be a bit crap.

    • Notes

      i believe Whis explained it,
      Goku hasn’t learned how to go offensive in UI as of yet that’s why and even with that the flurry of punches caused some damage to Kefla
      once he learns how to go on the offensive, then we will see how rediculously op this UI form is.

    • Akaalis

      If you ask me I think a raged-out beserker Kale has more unlimited power potential than Kefla.

    • The Legend27

      If it was not for kefla being so strong and that gokus punches in UI Are currently INEFFECTIVE this episode would be shit if toriyama did not make suchc strong characters and did not give everyone we know a toriyama handjob would these fights be as awesome as they are ? NOPE NOT AT ALL

    • Kyle Joultz

      Nah, i’m amazed she didnt go even further and achieved ssj3, im sad, she wasnt even berserk btw. Caulifla was too fucking much for kale.

    • Droidboy

      She never could. It seems with Ultra Instinct you can effectively dodge everything, so long as you can maintain the form. However, attacking still requires “stamina” for whatever that means.

      I guess we should imagine stamina as an energy bank left for attacks, not for simply power ups. Power up might increase the stamina’s bank, but doesn’t increase the stamina you have remaining.

      Either way, she practically didn’t stand up to Goku at all. Though time is running short, I have no idea how Goku will beat Jiren. If Goku had a senzu bean, that would be awesome.

  • 💀👻💀 Phantom’s Comet 💀👻💀

    Huehuehue when I see this video IMA need some milk

    • CB


  • quadradoverde

    Fuck you all.

  • Zar Schneider

    dis ain subbed tf o_O

  • wowlock

    Remember how Goku said even Vegito couldn’t stand up to Beerus…and yet even Beerus couldn’t fully master Ultra Instinct. Now you have Goku in that mode and Kefle is SOMEHOW keeping it up with Ultra Instinct ? REALLY ?

    • Dredd2

      its just mindless asspull

    • DrMKnightBayBinks

      dont underestimate UI, Goku is way out of her league. The point of this is to show that reaction time is more than enough to win and thats exactly how he won. he had to hurry and use the kamehameha because he knew he was running out of stamina. and Goku hasn’t mastered it yet so all his attacks are weak.

      • d3rd3vil

        The fight still looked amazing. Now imagine Goku at full power with strong attacks vs. Jiren thats gonna be AMAZING! I hope this year ^^

    • jack

      keep in mind that whis states that goku still hasn’t masterd ultra ass pule yet

      • TheKing

        The episode literally called back to when whis foreshadowed it, in this episode. Pay fucking attention, its not an asspull.

    • jukq tengs

      She didint even touch Son Goku and Goku didint even master UI you have to enjoy the show and learn some respect t

      • jukq tengs is stupid

        how many times do i have to tell you SHUT THE FUCK UP MODERASOHLE

        • Kevam

          Stop abusing yourself by making accounts you idiot

    • Son

      Well this proves goku was actually wrong or he might have been referring to the fusion dance

    • Meliodas

      It’s just fan service. Pretty sure we won’t see this fight this way way. We will know her true level power in the manga if Kelfa is in Toriyama script or if she’s just fan-service made by toei

    • d3rd3vil

      At first I thought so too. But all in all Goku was tired and couldnt use his full power to attack…..and she didnt hurt him one bit. So I dont see the problem. Would’ve been the same with Vegito vs. Beerus. Vegito would’ve powered up more and more until every goddamn thing would’ve exploded but Beerus would’ve won. Same with Goku here…..I dont see the prob 🙂

      But damn I wanna see Goku vs. Jiren NOW. But Gokus stamina is gone again….how many episodes now? 5 again or 10 till he is pretty much back to normal? 🙁

  • charzelo

    This is just utter BS. How on earth was she keeping up with Ultra Instinct. Considering that last week she couldn’t even fight on par with Blue From this logic, she is much stronger than Hit which is BS. I don’t know whether she tapped into SS God on her final power up but if she did picture the amount of time Vegeta and Goku had to destroy their body just to improve. Go back and re-watch how Vegeta became a SSJ then come back and watch this BS. This is a complete slap in the face for us fans.

    People say Brianne is the most annoying character in the tournament but I disagree. At least with Brianee you know they are just trolling us like how they did with mister Satan but with Kefla I feel like they are trying to force her on us

    • jukq tengs


      • jukq tengs is stupid

        shut the fuck up moderassohle

        • Zornch

          I’m almost 100% sure you two are the same person

          • Radical Vision

            Morons all of you using this fcking Kakrot`s father SS avatar, re7ards…

          • João Carmona

            It’s the default im pretty sure

      • Hank Maverick

        Stop crying, cunt

    • TheKing

      Kefla didn’t even touch him once the entire fight, she was completely outclassed by ultra instinct. The reason goku didn’t one shot her was because he doesn’t know how to get into attack mode just dodge. And yes she is much stronger than hit, did you forget vegeto vs buuhan, how OP vegeto was. The potara fusion is pretty much the product of their power levels

    • sdfjksd


    • Droidboy

      Yeah she didn’t keep up. She got knocked out in Goku’s strongest attack.

      But during the episode, Whis perfectly explained something. I assume you didn’t read it or comprehend it.
      Basically Goku is only Ultra Instinct on dodging attacks, not attacking.

  • jack

    Goku used that thing stare rape that feminist always talkin about

    • Kyle Joultz

      yeah, he was like, i will destroy you , you are too much of a match.

  • wowlock

    The worse news than Kefla is… Bulma’s Japanese VA died 🙁

  • Philip Deena

    Kefla: I don’t like that attitude. im gonna pummel you for sure this time!
    Goku: bitch…the fuck you just say to me? *finesse*

    • Droidboy

      Not even funny tbh.

      • Philip Deena

        i wasn’t trying to be funny, i was just stating how i felt you dry piece of shit

    • 00PCB

      On one hand I’m glad goku did beat her and on another I didn’t want goku to beat her. I didn’t want goku to beat her because I knew hed go to easy on her. Someone like Frieza/Jiren would have taken all the bass out of her voice

      • Bernfried Jablonski

        Your name is gay.

  • ‏‏

    What’s the point of even commenting when they are going to indiscriminately remove every single one of them every cycle?

  • jred

    You do realize that they stated that Goku still didn’t fight at full strength and stamina while in SSG SSGSS form on the other hand the fusion got back it’s original stamina so that would be the main advantage.

  • Godwin Dzantah

    i mean it makes sense why kefla equal ultra instint. dont forget we got tht sister whose just LIKE BROLY and keep in mind of that

    • jukq tengs

      Did you see those animations stop complaning and watch the fucking show SHOW SOME RESPECT YOU CUNTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

      • 💀👻💀 Phantom’s Comet 💀👻💀

        Theirs nothing to be respected from kelfa

      • jukq tengs is stupid


    • Uchiha_Mitachi

      I mean Kefla couldn’t keep up thats the point, she was equal to SSJB but though she was stronger that UI she wasn’t fast enough.

  • jukq tengs

    I hate theese complaining fucks stop watching the fucking show youu retards let us enyoy the fucking show

    • ‏‏

      For one thing you should be ignoring these people, they aren’t stopping you from watching this show and you have no reason to care about what they are saying. You are wasting your time on them with all this unnecessary negativity which will do you no favors.

    • SHADOW54312


    • jukq tengs is stupid

      You stupid fucking asshole this show sucks and so do you. moderassohle

  • ‏‏

    Good riddance to those annoying brats.

  • Ravi Ravi

    nice one

  • Hakko

    Shut the fuck up you ass licking motherfucking retarted sons and daughters of bitches/sluts I’m so fucking sick and tired of you mentally redundant idiots speaking ill of Dragon ball supers “logic” this series of dragon ball is nothing like Dragon ball z or the dragon ball movies so shut your lousy shit eating mouths you maggot infested piss ants and just enjoy the series on the whole and keep your god damn hipocrisy/criticism all to your Godforsaken selfs you ass eating shitheads you all are nothing… BUT A BUNCH OF WORTHLESS PIG FUCKING SCUMBAGS.

    • Hank Maverick

      DBS sucks, go drink your chocolate milk and wipe the tears from your crying eyes, cunt

      • Barkóczi János

        Yeah DBS sucks but you are still here to watch the episode 116. 😀

  • Pettyboyfloyd

    everytime some1 reaches a new highest level (Especially goku) the next fight they have it looks weak af.. and someone surpasses them easily lol i mean i know they have to keep it interesting but let them be able to blow away a few guys at ease or the strength does not remain dignified thats just imo

  • Pettyboyfloyd

    i wanna know wtf frieza is planning tho… talking bout goku i need u to keep working for me??

    • Caviaye Williams

      He wants Goku to take everyone out, so at the end Frieza can just beat him and the remaining fodders because Goku won’t have the energy left to fight Frieza back. He wants to be the last man standing so he can get the super dragon balls, so he is using Goku because he knows he can defeat everyone for him.

      • João Carmona

        I’m over here hoping Vegeta then steps on to the spotlight, masters UI and beats the shit out of him.
        This would at the same time give him relevance in the current plot AND finally allowing him to have his revenge on Freeza.

      • Pettyboyfloyd

        Oh yes makes sense he gets the super dragon balls and the. he can revive himself

  • Zera Xion

    uug the music they played at the last bit of the kefla fight was so annoying. I hope that sort of thing doesn’t become the norm for db super finishers

  • SHADOW54312

    Such a good episode!

  • Joey Ngambo

    GJ dragon ball producers, you got fans racking their heads trying to figure out the power scale onthis series. XD

    BTW what is going on with that preview?

  • Malik

    To everyone getting annoyed by the fact that Kefla tapped Goku’s hair and tickled his arm please rewatch the part when Wise was talking. He literally said that Goku can dodge instinctually not attack. And he was charging her, it was just their way of showing that Goku hasn’t completely mastered UI yet. Not to mention he was losing stamina and freaking lasers (which are FASTER than the speed of light) where being shoot at him. You should be amazed by the reaction time of Ul instead of raging at someone who got destroyed at the end of the episode anyway. Why is there any reason to get so triggered??? I’m not attacking anyone but seriously chill out.

    • Carlos Ramos

      Yea, she clearly had no chance. When goku wasn’t playing around dodging her attacks he was throwing her around like a rag doll.

    • Random Name

      Lasers are not faster than the speed of light -.-. What makes you think they are?

    • Trey Carpenter (t3xh)

      lol the initial beam propagation from a laser is faster than the speed of light, but her “laser” clearly had a lot of mass as you could see via the curvature and lag as she moved it towards goku. Therefore, not a pure laser. Anything with mass cannot be faster than light.

    • João Carmona

      Lasers travel AT the speed of light.
      They ARE light.

  • Caleb Hastings

    Sad fact: the voice actor of Bulma passed away a few days ago. Rest in peace.

    • Malik S.

      Yea they had a moment of silence for her in the Japanese credits of this episode. God bless her.

  • last savior

    ALL i know is vegeta better get that shit too

  • feelsbadman

    great… love-shit filler next week again -.-

  • Aaron

    Goku still has to master ultra instinct when attacking. That’s why his attacks couldn’t damage Jiren. Kefla was pretty cool but I’m actually glad that battle is over with. I just don’t like how they made it seem like Saiyans are just naturally gifted with power. Goku, Vegeta, and even Gohan had to go through hell to reach the levels they’re at, while the universe 6 Saiyans surpass them overnight.

  • Matthew Anthony

    Vegeta getting UI is lame AF, We want to see him do something different from Goku for a change.

    • Barkóczi János

      I agree but sadly he will try in 117 with no success.

      • João Carmona


    • João Carmona

      I mean, how could they improve on that?
      It’s not a character specific transformation, it is just a step up in skill.
      Maybe Vegeta would have some sort of transformation where, instead of his body dodging by himself, it instintively shoots out energy to anything about to touch him? That would be very Vegeta-y but it has the potential to be really lame.

  • GokuUI

    I feel like gohans going to come out and go full out power and it will be like some kind of frozen ssj because he has been training with piccolo and piccolo said he can surpass his level that he used against cell and then he is going to beat the namekians and I think that no.17 and no.18 will be the ultimate fusion.

  • The Legend27

    THe way goku is talking gives me goku black vibes
    Anyone else ?

  • The Legend27

    Me*enjoys episode 116 *
    *looks at the 117 preview*

    • João Carmona

      Next episode is probably gonna be pretty much a filler, if it goes out along with the DB standard.

  • ballsdeep

    Vegeta is going to get (instinct ulta) to match goku.

  • Rouge Krama Macaluso
    • Caviaye Williams

      Lmao i’m dying

  • Knuckles

    18:07 The moment where we all recall what Goku really is and why we all watch this Show.
    ( Commenting in the middle of the episode , just cant stop myself )

  • Mohsin Jan

    Awesome Episode

  • Knuckles

    2 more episodes of this Tourney ..i think ?

  • They don’t give af about vegeta . Yo I’m really losing hope in him getting the light he deserves like y’all made Kefla stronger then vegeta … #ImDead

    • João Carmona

      Bruv, he is getting UI himself soon (might not be super soon, im hoping Freeza betrays them after the tourney and Vegeta goes UI and wrecks his ass)

  • Knockk

    Let’s be honest
    Kefla’s power is just Kale..

    • Kevam

      tru dat

    • Kevam

      And that bitchass Caulifla’s attitude

  • Parth

    DRAGON BALL VIBES ARE BACK,but next week the episode better not be boring

  • Rumen

    Don’t you realize yet, these 2 are some of the strongest warriors of their entire universe. I don’t find it surprising that they are this strong.

  • David Gooden

    Ok, I actually feel the need to comment here. Everybody is saying how Kefla is only 10 times stronger than Kayle plus Califula(ignore the spelling). Whis stated that a potara fusion is 10s of times stronger than the sum of their parts, however, this is a “mistranslation”. 10s of times in Japanese is actually anywhere from 10 to 990. Dont ask me why but it is. Plus the fact that Beserker is higher than a 50x muiltiplier, which means beserker2 is probably higher than 2x beserker. Doesent really matter what numbers you use, but this fight was actually allot closer than most people give it credit for. Also Goku is exausted and in an imperfect form.


    don’t be stupid not Ultra Instinct is stronger , try think the Super Saiyan Limit Breaker is very stronger than Ultra Instinct

    • João Carmona

      Error 404 english.exe not found.


    vegeta is going to get ultra instinct and i like it a lot

  • Khalil Cox

    kelfa: you can’t dodge this in mid-air
    goku: filayyyyyyyy

  • Marcellkilla712

    k now its settled the limit breaker form with the redish aura is when he masters offensive and defensive

  • Dallas Owens

    The writers did a good job on that one. If you don’t understand dragon ball powers levels by now, you need to start at dbz episode 1

  • Hamza Jbr

    how this kefla bitch could achieve transformations so easly like that and for the dbz members they need to keep fucking training and do a lot of shit to gain transformation then master it fuck that show and fuck everyone trying to say just let us enjoy the show fuck ur dumb mind

    • sdfjksd


  • Omark

    finally! That annoying Kefla bitch is out. Next please fucking universerve of love and then these annoying characters are all gone


    • Kevam

      maybe more will enter?!

  • João Carmona

    No one gonna comment about how they pulled a “remember back when he said this…” on us?
    When was the last time we saw something like that in Dragon Ball?

    • Droidboy

      Yeah DB Super plays out more like one of the movies instead of the tv show.

      When Goku went UI, that music was straight movie vibes.
      The flashback was as well. I like the way they are writing these scenes.

  • 00PCB

    Caulifla is annoying as hell. She may be a saiyan – but i’m getting a classic female entitlement vibe

  • The Legend27

    Am i the only one who wants to know what this heat is all about?

  • Валентин Хаманов

    I wonder how long is this arena. Goku punched that chick so far and there is always a rock to “cushion” the landing.

    • Akaalis

      Speaking about rocks. I thought the whole arena was supposed to be constructed of kaching, which is a hard to destroy metal. There shouldn’t be that many pieces of the stadium laying around nor should they look like rocks either…. !!

      • ‏‏

        The power levels in Super far surpass those of DBZ during the Buu saga so I don’t think you thought that through well.

        • Akaalis

          Really… You’re going to be condescending to me?? Hilarious…

          Anyways it depends which characters your’re speaking of. Because characters like Cabba and Caulifa are well within DBZ power levels.. same with Krillin and Master Roshi(whom I doubt can even match SSJ)

          That also still doesn’t explain why kaching which is supposed to be a metal, appears as concrete slabs the breaks easily when someone is slammed into them…

  • The way Goku slide through Kefla energy beam was fucking lit especially when they replayed that Kamehameha 3 Times! Had a person hyped asf

    • Marc B Wagner

      he didnt slide through it but on it useing the energy ball from from the kamehameha

  • SID

    So all the talks about vegita having something new up his sleeve can be put to rest for now.

    • hello

      Yeah it could be that vegeta will also go ultra instinct. if it happens , what if they fuse in Ultra Instinct

  • AugustAPC

    Thank god those horrible characters are finally out of the way.

    • StrifeThepure

      Ribrianne is worse than those 2.

  • d3rd3vil

    I want a Goku Jiren rematch before christmas!

  • Brad

    1 minute in their time is like 30 minutes our time lol XD

    • Wafflepiezz

      considering the fact that they’re fighting in faster than light speeds, I wouldn’t be surprised either xD

  • sid

    i can safely say i am going to skip next episode. cant stand too much love

  • Akaalis

    For the next episode.. I really hope that Ribrianne transforms into a pornstar this time, instead of an obese care bear teletubby….

    • Orthanius

      I mean, it can’t get any worse, can it?

      • Wafflepiezz

        SUPER T H I C C

  • Илья Камехамеха

    Rest in peace, Hiromi Tsuru. Such an unfair end of path, after all of that labor you’ve put on making a lot of people enjoy the art…
    I wish there were dragonballs to gather… Kuso.
    I don’t believe in God…
    There will be no Hiromi Tsuru, no real Buruma any more… We will really, really miss you, miss 🙁

  • Jalal Azhar

    I want a Goku Jiren rematch as soon as possible

    • Wafflepiezz

      there will be one, don’t worry

  • Wafflepiezz

    cya kefla

  • Lenny Song

    next on dragon ball super, goku reaches his limit with ultra instinct kaioken x10000000. FUCK YOU DRAGON BALL SUPER. it’s obvious that by the end of this arc he’s gonna reach a new unfounded power of HYPER BIG DICK FART BLAST that is stronger than berus and can blow the universe up with a tiny leak of gas from his new anus clench. this is ridiculous, these stupid power ups. HEY STUPID DRAGON BALL SUPER FANS, what can defeat a stronger opponent?

    (creator) after years of careful thought we’ll just powerup goku and give it a dumb name so he’ll be 10x stronger. YAHHH!! there we go, to defeat a powerup we’ll give him a powerup.

    LMAO. at the end of super it’ll probably show goku being old as master roshi waking up to a dream and negate all of this BULLSHIT. oh wait, it was a cosmic time skip in a different timeline that has infinite possibilities. OOPS, next on the new DRAGON BALL HYPERCOCK *intensifies*

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  • Thiran Uthaman

    R.I.P. Hiromi Tsuru.